Park Mall Singapore

Singapore is world famous for its great shopping possibilities and for its huge number of shopping malls located mainly in the downtown area of the city. While Singapore’s downtown is full of shopping malls and shopping centres, the main aspect of shopping here is that many of the shopping malls are well-known for being specialised on the selling of one sort of good. The Park Mall is also well-known for its specialisation for furniture and antiques stores and therefore, a large number of its visitors come here to check out the variety on these goods. Let us check out the Park Mall this time, together with its stores and its destination in Singapore.

Park Mall is not a huge mall, which means that it can be comfortably walked around with a slower pace. This means a nice extra and a bit of a novelty, with all the huge shopping malls in the Orchard Road area, for which visitors generally need multiple days to browse through. As for its location, Park Mall is located in the area of Orchard Road and can be conveniently reached from there. The nice mall is one of the most elegant shopping malls of Singapore. As for its specialisation, the Park Mall houses around 60 stores most of which are specialised on selling quality home-ware, kitchenware, antiques and furniture.

Park Mall’s architecture and interior design was inspired by the world famous Burlington Arcade a high street shopping arcade located in London, England. The Park Mall has 5 levels and 77 stores together with various cafés and restaurants for the visitors.

This is the shopping mall of those looking for these goods mainly, with a great variety of these goods. You can get to find high quality interior design stores in Park Mall, such as the stores of Philippe Starck, Castilla Flagship Store or Natural Living all selling high quality furniture, textiles and upholstery and interior design home ware. Park Mall is also unique for housing a large number of international educational facilities such as the Canadian Education College or the School for Further Education and has a large number of medical, dental and aesthetic clinics as well. Park Mall has several promotions and it gives home to the yearly held interior design fair of Singapore called SingaPlural, which is well worth checking out for the fans of interior designs. SingaPlural 2013 is one of the main event destinations, being part of the yearly held International Furniture Fair Singapore. Park Mall also supports and gives place for other international events, such as the Décor Show 2013 and The Hospitality Show 2013.

Overall, Park Mall is an extremely elegant shopping mall to visit, with great, high level furniture and design stores inside. It is a great experience to enjoy the interiors of the Park Mall, which is just like getting a break, from the always-busy streets of Singapore downtown. Check out Park Mall, if you would like to see something unique or if you would like to buy a great addition to the collection of your home accessories.

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