Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura is one of the most popular shopping malls of Singapore. The downtown shopping mall is great to visit for looking around, for shopping just any sort of goods and to have a meal in one of its quality eateries. Let us look at Plaza Singapura this time.

Plaza Singapura is a popular choice for everyone who wants to shop just any sort of goods. Being one of the shopping malls where you can just find anything the downtown situation of Plaza Singapura, together with its direct connection with its MRT line makes the mall one of the most easily accessible ones in the downtown. You can get to buy just anything here and this is the diversity, which has made Plaza Singapura popular all along.

The large shopping mall is located along Orchard Road, which is today the most popular shopping street of Singapore, full of shops and many of the best shopping malls around town. This is the key destination for shoppers and for tourists all the same.

The shopping mall is one of the oldest ones of Singapore built in 1974 but it went through several renovations and reconstructions ever since together with a full change of management made the mall to stay popular. The last reconstruction of the mall was between 2003 and 2004 and that is when escalators were installed to make shopping more comfortable for the shoppers. Plaza Singapura is full of trendy fashion stores and great shoe stores that make it a common meeting point for the young generation of Singapore. The shopping mall is big and it is stuffed with smaller and bigger stores. You can come here to buy a new outfit, a gadget and you can even do a proper shopping in its hypermarket. The mall has additional services in form of beauty and wellness clubs and sports establishments. Plaza Singapura has 9 floors and it takes plenty of time if you want to browse all 9 of them. Plaza Singapura houses some popular stores, which include John Little, Spotlight or its huge Yamaha store. The mall is widely visited for its extreme number of eateries, let them be fast food or properly served meals.

The shopping mall has a giant Carrefour hypermarket, one of the very few which you can find in the downtown of Singapore therefore, you can always see Plaza Singapura full of shoppers. Carrefour is a giant chain of hypermarkets selling everything including garments, home and kitchenware, electronics and gadgets, furniture and a huge amount of grocery.

Plaza Singapura has direct link with Dhobi Ghaut MRT Station, which is also connected with the North-East MRT Station, from where you can literally walk into the giant shopping mall. Although you will not find high profile international brands in here, you can look around in the hippest stores of Singapore brands and get to shop much cheaper at Plaza Singapura. We suggest you to look around in this great shopping mall, once you visit Singapore and want to look around to see what is worth getting here.

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