Popular Festivals in Bahrain

Bahrain is an island country situated in the Persian Gulf. This is a country which does not share its borders with any other country, but has been influenced by neighboring countries in the region. An example in this direction is the Bahrain festivals celebrated here.

The majority of the people in Bahrain are Muslims, but you find people belonging to all religions and creeds. You will see that in Bahrain some festival or the other is celebrated in Bahrain throughout the year, and all the festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur.

In January, Eid-ul-Audha or the Festival of Sacrifice is celebrated to commemorate Abraham’s sacrifice of his ward Ishamel to God. People who are wealthy enough, replicate the act by sacrificing animals and the meat is distributed among relatives, friends, and the poor.

One of the important Bahrain festivals that occurs in the month of February is Ashura, which is celebrated by the Shias. Milad-al-Nabi is a festival which is celebrated in the month of April. However, the Sunnis and Shias celebrate the festival on different dates. This is a very popular festival in Bahrain.

The Islamic New Year is known as Muharram and is celebrated throughout Bahrain with a ban on alcohol observed on this day. The people in general, and Christians in particular, celebrate Christmas with parties, music, and alcohol.

Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar and Muslims observe complete fast from dawn to dusk. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan with a three-day festival.

Bahrain celebrates its National Day or the Eid-al-Watani on the 16th day of December. The day is filled with events, parades, and processions.

One of the most important Bahrain festivals is the Independence Day which is celebrated by the people on the 27th of June with festivities and fireworks. All the buildings are decorated and illuminated on the 17th of December which is celebrated as the Accession Day in Bahrain.

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