Pulau Palawan

Pulau Palawan is a very interesting little island, located right next to the Sentosa Island, it is the most famous of being always confused with a little islet that is very close to it and both Sentosa Islands. The Sentosas famous Palawan beach is on the side of the island where Pulau Palawan is lying.

Singapore is an island country, with the whole country situated on different islands, let them be small or big. The island state currently owns 63 islands, out of which many are only islets. They are so small and this way these are literally not capable to use for anything. This is why Singapore has been enlarging some of its islands in order to make them more likely to be used for leisure, economical or military reasons. Singapore has encountered several problems with Malaysia because of its land extension this way. The other way in which Singapore wants to create bigger islands is when it works on the connection of two islets being right next to each other. Yet the famous twin islands of Singapore as the Sisters’ Islands remain famous exactly for being a “twin–island” Pulau Hantu also has its smaller brother where you can just walk through during low tide. You will see that there is no island in Singapore, which does not have its own legend. The legends make a great part of Singapore lifestyle and this way, if you choose to get to know more about the diverse islands of Singapore, you will surely listen to several legends and myths regarding their creations.

The name of Pulau Palawan means the Island of the Warriors in Malay language. Possibly as every island in the Southeastern Asian regions, it got its names by or because of the pirates that have stopped or had their base there long time ago. The island in real is just an islet being 0.4 hectare in size but it is very famous among all those who go diving and scuba diving from there. The coral reefs around Pulau Palawan are exceptionally beautiful and the coral reef associations of Singapore constantly check them so that their ecological balance can stay untouched. The Pulau Palawan island is in real a reef which did cause some problems for the ships a long time ago when the islet those days didn’t even reach the 0.4 hectare (approx. 4000 square metres) size but was way smaller. The islet with which Pulau Palawan is often confused is the little U shaped land, which is connected with the island by a bridge. The island lies a little bit further down South from Sentosa Island.

Pulau Palawan is continuously enlarging by land reclamation from the sea. Since the first reclamation project, it is called “Pulau” or island; beforehand it used to be named simply Palawan Reef (Serembu Palawan). The Palawan Island is not connected to any other islands neither Sentosa nor with any other. The only way you can get there is by boat.

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