Reconstruction Surgery in Singapore

Singapore is becoming a top destination in terms of cosmetic and reconstruction surgery. The two sorts of surgeries however differ quite a lot. Our article is to shed light on what reconstruction surgery means and where it can be opted in Singapore.

Reconstruction surgery is a type of surgery that is to reconstruct the face or body parts’ original features that were changed due to birth defects, accidents, burn and even due to illness. Reconstruction surgery is not a trend neither a fashion, such as cosmetic surgery but a result of pure necessity for someone to be able to live life as a natural-looking human being.

There are several areas of reconstruction surgery, which also involve the use of implants for face, arms, legs and breasts. A breast enlargement procedure is a cosmetic surgery; however, the reconstruction of breasts after removal is a reconstruction surgery. There are birthmarks that may cover the face partly or entirely and have such a dramatic effect which make their wearers unable to live a normal life. In order to change this skin, reconstruction surgery is used as well.

In Singapore, the leading surgeon Dr. Martin Huang has also made his name famous and won several awards as the result of his studies and thorough investigation on common birth defects in Singapore, such as cleft lip and cleft palate and on how to make these defects right. His groundbreaking study, in connection with flattened skulls of babies, which seemed a birth defect yet it turned out only to be the result of a common malpractice among parents, has earned him a distinguished place among cosmetic surgeons. Although Dr. Huang does not deal with reconstructive surgery directly, he continues his studies about reconstruction surgery too.

As reconstruction surgery is to correct defects rather than enhance features in any way, it is not promoted that much as cosmetic surgery. Although cosmetic surgery is the result of enhanced reconstruction surgery, it also applies many methods, commonly used in reconstruction surgery too. This includes popular treatments in Singapore, such as mandibular reduction, which is to reduce the width of the lower face. Nose jobs and the changing of the ears situation on the head are also results of decades of investigation in reconstructive surgery.

In Singapore, you can find hospitals that deal with reconstruction surgery on a highly professional level; however, not many cosmetic clinics deal with reconstruction surgery at the same time. If you look for reconstruction surgery services, the first place to contact with should be the Singapore General Hospital that deals with a wide range of both reconstruction and cosmetic surgery procedures. At Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Dr. SL Chan deals with a wide range of dental and jaw reconstruction surgery procedures. Charms Clinic specialises in hand reconstruction surgery and the in reconstruction of scars together with the removal of cysts.

These are the most common clinics to turn to when it comes to reconstruction surgery in Singapore. Anytime you need more information, check out the websites of the three above-mentioned clinics to get more information or to book an appointment.

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