Renting Apartments in Abu Dhabi

When you are going to stay in Abu Dhabi for a longer time, one of the major considerations that you have to first think of is your housing. You will need a place to stay, and, certainly, you cannot spend all your money in hotel rooms.

There are not too many housing options in Abu Dhabi, though. Unlike Dubai where you can buy a house or a property, you cannot have the same opportunity in Abu Dhabi. If you will be in Abu Dhabi for quite a long time, the only way to solve your housing dilemma is to rent an apartment.

Indeed, most residents of Abu Dhabi are renting apartments, and this quite explains well why collections from apartment rentals are increasing every year. There are different types of apartments, but usually, these apartments are located in high rise buildings of about 20 stories or more. Usually, too, there is very limited parking space, if there is any at all.

You can choose between two-door apartments and three-door apartments, depending on your needs and requirements. Renting two-door apartments will most likely cost you approximately 60,000 dirhams every year. If you choose to rent the three-door types, however, you will need to shell out at least 100,000 dirhams every year.

Apartments in Abu Dhabi often do not have built-in cabinets for your wardrobe, however, you can easily purchase some in many of Abu Dhabi’s specialty stores. Do not expect also that your apartment is equipped with appliances because it often is not. As the case may be, you will have to buy your own refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer, stove and the like, in order to make your apartment livable.

You are also not to look for gyms or swimming pools in your apartment building. Very few apartments have such facilities, but Abu Dhabi has several recreation centers and wonderful beaches where you can spend some time relaxing. There are also several golf clubs with world-class facilities just in case you want to get a club and putt. You can do this even late at night because many of Abu Dhabi’s golf clubs have flood lights, and these enable nighttime playing.

If you are a pet lover, you may encounter some problems with apartment landlords. Many {Abu Dhabi apartments} have strict policies against pets. Cats may be allowed in some instances, but dogs usually do not get the landlord’s nod.

When looking for an apartment to rent, it is quite natural for you to look at options that will allow you greater accessibility to commute to work. If you are going to work in the city area, then you may want to look for apartments within that area, also. However, one major factor to consider is the budget. Apartments in the city are often more expensive. To help you decide, try to calculate all the necessary expenses you will have if you are going to commute to and from work. Then compare the figures against the rental fees in the city and outside the city.

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