Shopping in Aruba

When the tourists in Aruba have already felt satisfied about the sea and the sand of the island and have already experienced the joy it is to be an Aruban visitor, there is one more thing which they could engage in that will definitely be a fun time for anyone. Aruba is also known for its shopping arcades that come equally amazing with its Caribbean waters. Shop til you drop is an old cliché but is what really transpires in the shopping island. Shopping districts abound in the locale that shoppers are given the chance to compare prices and grab the best that could suit their budget. Best deals are always present as the Aruban sun at stores are known to give you a variety of options for leather goods, jewelry, perfumes, table linens, designer fashions, locally made handicrafts and electronics. Not only are those goods locally made but are also imported from different parts of the world as Aruba gives you the chance to savor the best from the globe. Enjoy the availability of Dutch Delft, Cuban cigars, Dutch cheeses, and a lot of favorably priced products.

What is more remarkable about Aruba shopping is the fact that the accommodation does not only offer a time to rest and relax but also to think about your loved ones back home and try out gift items which you could bring for them. Low and high rise hotels in Aruba are known to display a shopping line with exquisite ideas about gifts. From one hotel to another, shopping essentials abound including aloe vera, beach towels and sun block.

The creativity and wit of native Arubans can also be enjoyed as different collectibles are done and personalized to perfectly suit the recipient of your gifts. Just talk to your craftsmen and artists and they will follow what you have in mind and put them into your gift item. If you don’t want to be compounded in your hotel alone, you can go out to downtown Oranjestad where shopping is a top notch. The shopping district in L.G. Smith Boulevard is easily accessible if you arrived in the island by ship. It can also be easily reached by those who were from a cruise as the shopping area is located just near the sea port. On the other hand, you can take the bus, a taxi or a rental car from the hotel to the shopping district.

There are just a few considerations when shopping in the island. It is good for you to know that some stores are closed in the afternoon especially at 2pm to 6pm. This would mean that most of the shopping sprees are done in the morning. In case you cant make it during store hours and you need to shop later during the day, you can always call the store or shop manager and inform them that you are coming.

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