Suntec City Singapore

Suntec City is among the most popular and in fact must visit shopping malls of Singapore. The huge mall has never been a centre of luxury, but it provides shoppers with some of the highest number of department and fashion apparel stores. Still the huge Suntec City has one attraction, which is a must-see for every tourist, especially in the evening hours.

Suntec City is not only a shopping mall but it is also a sort of cultural and entertainment centre, where there is always something happening. The huge mall, which is Singapore’s second largest shopping centre, has a worldwide unique attraction, which is the Fountain of Wealth, a circular strange looking fountain, which was registered in 1998 in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the biggest fountain in the world. It is not every day that you can get to see such an extremely huge fountain and all inside the shopping mall. The fountain is also a symbol of positive energy, as the whole Suntec Shopping and Business complex was built in the form of a hand, with the fountain being in the very middle, as the symbol of wealth. The fountain works always from the evening hours when there is a light show and music, to give a special edge for the fountain. On special days, visitors are allowed to walk around the base of the huge fountain, in order to have luck. The Fountain of Wealth is currently under construction, with a scheduled finish around July 2013, in order to be able to provide even more breath taking shows for the visitors.

Suntec City has over 300 stores on its inside. These include department stores, retail stores, a grand food court, the Galleria that gives home to the high profile brands, its Tropics area which offers lifestyle stores and its Entertainment Centre, which gives home to a gym, an arcade and a cinema complex. Suntec mall also includes several supermarkets and specialty stores, such as optical stores, pharmacies, post office and the offices of several banks.

High profile label stores: Lacoste, Levi’s
Street-wear: New Look, Bossini, Giordano, the mall is an expert of local brands. If you want to shop cheap or look at some of the local brands, you are in the very best place.
Extra Services within the shopping mall: the many entertainments you can get to watch or experience within the shopping mall. Although, you may not be able to experience the events fully, due to half of the shopping mall being under construction Suntec City is one of the funniest shopping malls of Singapore.
Best Eateries: you can find here fast food mainly. Thanks to its big food court, you can get several chances to eat well in Suntec Mall.

Directions: Suntec City Mall is located in the downtown area of Singapore, along Temasek Boulevard not far from the Marina Bay Sands complex and the seaside area of the city. Take off at Esplanade Boulevard MRT Station to get to the mall the most conveniently.

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