The Perfect Vacation in Saudi Arabia

A vacation in Saudi Arabia is like a holiday in another world—in a good sense. Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer its visitors, though it may be different from most countries, it is rich in {culture}, religion and tradition that gives the country its uniqueness. Saudi Arabia has great respect in their beliefs and customs and they truly value their religion. When visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must remember to revere what they hold high in their country.

Before you start your exploring in this beautiful country, you must bear in mind that Saudi is very strict when it comes to clothing. Here are a few things to remember to avoid commotion and trouble: Women must wear an “abaya”, an all-black dress that covers your neck down to your ankles. Shorts are prohibited for both men and women. Skimpy outfits like tank tops and mini skirts are not allowed in Saudi. In some parts of the country, tourists can be seen wearing jeans and t-shirts, but it is better to follow their custom to avoid being stared at. Moreover, clothing policies must be followed at all times especially when you are out on the streets otherwise Muttawas or the religious police will arrest you.

Essentials like sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and sandals or tennis shoes are necessary to avoid the heat and the sun. Bringing water with you while you are strolling along Saudi is needed especially if you can’t stand the heat.

The best way to {getting around Saudi Arabia} is through a taxi. Nevertheless, if you want to take in all the {sights & attractions}, walking is a good way to explore. However, if you are on a tight budget and don’t mind crowded places, the bus is a great way to see what Saudi can offer you.

Villas, hotels, and compounds are available for your accommodation. Hotels have a more private feel because you will have your own room while villas and compounds are shared with other tenants although it is cheaper.

{Nightlife in Saudi Arabia} is very different from the ones you are usually used to. Alcohol, nightclubs and bars are strictly prohibited in this country. So if you are planning to quit drinking, Saudi is a great place for your motivation. Don’t get too upset with their lack of nightlife because Saudi has a lot more to offer for your pleasure. {Shopping} is major leisure activity in Saudi. Malls and bazaars are open until midnight to cater to your every shopping need. {Restaurants} with delicacies that offer Iranian, Asian and American cuisines are available to satisfy your hunger pangs. Fast foods like McDonalds are accessible for quick bites. If you get tired from walking around, coffee shops offer comfort, coffee and a relaxing atmosphere to soothe your weary body.

The sights you can see in Saudi are mostly historical places, which is good for extra larding. The ruins of Mismak Fort are a great place to explore the old Saudi. Wandering inside the remains of the old building gives a nostalgic feel to those who go there. The water tower and old dirriya are also good sight-seeing places.

Discover the country with the help of our Saudi Arabia travel guide and be mesmerized with its bizarre yet magical world.

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