Thongs in Saudi Arabia

In the world of undergarments, the real taste of freedom is found in thongs. With a few thongs in your lingerie drawer, you’ll never worry about panty lines showing through your fitting clothes. What’s more, you can wear thongs with any kind of outer garment. They are comfortable and provide coverage and support where it’s needed, giving you the freedom to wear your favorite outfits in confidence. In Saudi Arabia, buy thongs in any of the leading lingerie stores. Dealers here avail a broad variety of all-season thongs. Buy as many of these as you need to feel confident and sexy at all times.

When choosing thongs at the store, you’ll come across different designs. The standard thong design features full frontal coverage and a narrow material at the back, which leaves the buttocks bare. Popular variations of the thong are boy short thongs, g-strings, v-strings and tangas. Of the group, boy short thongs provide the widest coverage. They offer full frontal coverage, just like the boy shorts, but leave the back bare, like a thong is designed to. This type of thong is ideal for the ladies who like the feel of a thong on their skin but want to keep the front part of their crotch completely covered up. With this thong, you can still wear snug fitting outfits without fear of exposing any panty lines. The tanga offers slightly less coverage than the boy short thong and more coverage than a thong, thanks to its wide waistband and back. The g-string thong offers even less coverage, with a small piece of fabric forming the front part of the underwear. This stretches into a thin string on the sides, round the waist and down the center of the back, leaving the buttocks bare. The v-string is similar to the g-string, only that the string separated into a v-shape at the back instead of disappearing into the crack of the butt.

Thongs come in a choice of soft and silky materials. Silk, cotton and lace are the materials most commonly used to make thongs. When going shopping for thongs, don’t do it in a hurry. There will be so much to choose from when you finally get to the store that you’ll feel harried if you have to make your choice within minutes. Lace thongs are very popular with both the young and the middle aged. The soft feel of lace against the skin and the racy design of the thong double up to make these types of panties some of the best selling pieces in lingerie stores across the kingdom. For a girly touch, choose thongs with ribbon ties, bows and other similarly delicate trimmings. Lingerie manufacturers offer a variety of colors with each thong design. Red, purple and hot pink are perfect choices for romantic evenings and intimate nights. Pair them with a matching bra, baby doll, garter belt or stockings for a seductive look.

Shop for thongs at Saudi Arabia’s top lingerie stores, where the latest designs of thongs are showcased. New products are added to the stock regularly, so be sure to check back in often for fresh designs from your favorite lingerie brand.

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