Tourism of Singapore

Singapore is for sure the country of great contrasts living in great harmony thanks to its entire people all of which have the strong desire in order to their best for their country. This beautiful and totally unique country has become a primary tourist destination and next to it also a primary business destination of Asia. Singapore tourism is among the primary industry segments of this dazzling country. Singapore tourism is among the most dynamically growing segments of the country’s economy.

Singapore is a great ultra-modern always-growing city with lots of districts, which are entirely different. In Singapore, past and future do live together creating a great mixture of what makes Singapore so alone standing today. In Singapore, everyone works hard yet happily. There are hundreds of different places to see and to visit. The good thing in Singapore is that it is entirely complex. The meeting point of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian culture and treasuring the past colonial days, Singapore is still having great relations with the United Kingdom and its hosting several British expats living and working here.

Singapore tourism does its best in order to show all the colourful sides of the city for everyone deciding to visit this beautiful and alone-standing country. With hundreds of all different hotels, restaurants, great shopping streets and shopping possibilities, with its competitive prices and all the beauty of its unique attractions made Singapore to become part of the Nr.1 destinations in the world to visit. And this way Singapore tourism is an always active and always growing part of the economical life of Singapore. The governmental office taking care of all aspects of tourism is the Singapore Tourism Board. There are also those to turn to in case you would like to set up a travel agency or any Singapore tourism related business facility. They are those who also deal with tour guide licensing and does a lot in order to promote Singapore tourism on an international level.

Singapore tourism has so much to offer for all the visitors. First of all the cleanness, the safety, the highest variety of all the different parts of the city which serve as an unfailing reason for everyone to visit them from time to time, because they are continuously changing as much as they stay the same. Singapore has so many great sites to visit, that they are hard to be described shortly. In addition, Singapore is very proud and takes high care of all of its remained natural areas having great quality reservates and nature parks serving a great source of excursions for everyone.

One interesting type of Singapore Tourism is its “war tourism” which has high importance and serves as a unique way of tourism in the world. Singapore was shocked when Japanese troops like a storm won over the then ruling British Army. The three terrible years of Japanese occupation has left its mark on all Singaporeans and therefore they do all their best to memory and remember these times. There are several war memorials and by means of Singapore tourism there are several war trails which tourists can get to know about.

Singapore tourism is a great thing and even if it is far, Singapore is among the places most worth visiting. Singapore tourism has been promoted all over the internet, so its enough for you do so a little search in order to see the beautiful and countless attractions waiting for you to experience them in Singapore.

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