Transportation in South Africa

If you are visiting South Africa, you may be worried about the transportation facilities available in the country. Don’t worry, the country is providing a variety of transportation facilities to the locals as well as the visitors to travel. Getting in and around South Africa is not an issue with the great options available. You can use bus, taxis, rent a car, train, and flight services to travel throughout the country. The transportation facilities provided by South Africa are reliable and efficient. Hence, you can plan your South African travel effectively. Effective transportation facilities in South Africa play an important role in the social and economic development of the country.

South Africa has an extensive road transport network as the country possess the record of having longest road network in an African country. South Africa has roads that are well-maintained. The visitors in South Africa can opt for rent-a-car facilities provided by various car hire services in the country. You can book for a car through online or offline booking services. Some of the car hire companies in South Africa are Tempest, Europcar, Hertz, and Avis. All these companies have their own websites. Car hiring is an affordable option for the tourists as it offers the drivers to use luxurious sedans at a small budget. You can also hire 4×4 vehicles from these rental car companies.

The vehicles in South Africa offer right-hand drive and you have to travel on the left side of the road. It is mandatory to use seatbelts while driving and using mobile phone during driving is an offence. If you are planning to hire a taxi for your South African travel, then it will be a costly affair. The taxis in South Africa are of two categories such as minibus taxis and metered taxis. Minibus taxis are meant for public transportation in areas where rail and ordinary bus services are not available. Minibus taxis are unconventional services as the routes are decided by the drivers. These services stop at the location where the passengers have to get in and get out. If you would like to travel in a minibus, then it is better to take the help of an expert guide.

Metered taxis are the best option for the international travelers. These taxis offer efficient and personalized service. Metered taxis are costly when compared to rental car. The rail transport system in South Africa covers most of the regions in the country. The Blue Train offers an ultra-luxurious travel in South Africa as it runs between Cape Town and Pretoria, and Durban and Pretoria. Shosholoza Meyl is a passenger train runs between the cities. Rovos Rails is a steam train that travels from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth.

Bus services are available to neighboring countries and within the country. Baz Bus is an affordable option for the passengers and it offers hop-to-hop fares and door-to-door services. Compassline Africa provides luxurious Mercedes buses with 12 seats to travel up market. Other bus services are offered by Intercape, Greyhound, Eldo Coaches, City to City, Citiliner, Translux, and SA Roadlink. Domestic flights are also available in South Africa to enjoy a hassle-free travel.

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