Trendy Sneakers in Singapore

Sneakers are extremely popular all around the world. First being used for sports, today, thanks to hip-hop culture in the Eighties, today sneakers are widely worn on the street as part of urban dressing. The sneaker culture is so big, that today we can differentiate over a dozen different sorts of sneakers, several of which are specifically made to wear on the street and not exactly for sports. Let us see where to go in Singapore, if you want to find sneakers and training shoes.

Sneakers are especially trendy to wear and with a good reason. They look sporty and they are incredibly cosy to wear, with the good quality sneakers being durable for years. There are a couple of brands, the appearance of which has made real trends, such as Converse or Sketchers, both of which still have a huge fan base together with classics, such as Adidas Originals or Nike sneakers. You can get all of these great shoes in Singapore, if you know where to find them. Singapore is virtually full of shopping malls and therefore you have plenty of places to look around, when in search for sneakers. The city has an incredibly rich variety of shoes and shoes stores of all existing trends coming from worldwide. In the Chinatown you can get to find an extreme variety of sport shoes and sneakers, although their originality is quite questionable they look great.

There are also shopping malls that are specialized for youth culture and sports, such as Queensway Shopping Centre, which is currently the most popular for locals to do, when they look for any sorts of sports gear, sneakers and sports shoes. Queensway is not in the downtown of the city, we suggest you to take the MRT and get off at Queenstown MRT Station as the quickest way to go.

The second best place that we suggest you to visit is the Bugis Junction Shopping Mall, which is one of the hippest places to go. Located at Bugis MRT Station the recently renovated shopping mall is famous for housing lots of bars, cafés and trendy stores, such as the brand stores of Converse, Sketchers and Nike among many others.

Specialty stores for sneakers in the downtown of Singapore:
Leftfoot: located in Far East Plaza along Orchard Road, this is the store for you if you are looking for the latest special editions of Puma, Adidas, Nike and other first class brands.

Limited Edt. Vault: located in 313@Somerset along Orchard Road This is a highly visited store for its rare sneakers, which is said to be the only place in South East Asia to offer genuine special editions and brands such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, New Balance, Nike Court Low and many others. This shop is expensive and we can rather suggest it for real fans and collectors of brands, rather than those who look for sneakers.

Superga: located at Isetan Scotts this incredibly popular sneaker band boat shoe brand has great collections on offer for street wear and for sportswear. The brand being extremely popular among Hollywood stars made Superga extra trendy in Singapore too.

Check out all these mentioned places: stores or shopping malls for sneakers and sports shoes and you will realize that not only will you find some great shoes for you, but also you will gain lots of experience and will see several great sites of Singapore city in the same time.

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