Types & Brands of Panties Available in KSA

The panty is one of a woman’s most treasured articles of clothing. Wearing the right panty gives you the confidence to wear any bottom outer garment of your choice, whether a skirt, pants or jeans. When your choice of panty is right, the rest of your dressing tends to flow rather well. Finding the perfect {panties} in Saudi Arabia is as simple as walking into a lingerie store. The real trick is in deciding which type of panty to settle for from the dozens of types on offer. If you have preference for a particular type of panty though, this step of the process is already catered for. All you have to do is choose from the many designs available. If you don’t have a particular preference for a specific type of panty, the many panty types you can buy include briefs, bikini briefs, high-cut briefs, boy shorts, women’s boxers, thongs, g-strings, v-strings, hipster panties, and shape wear panties. You’ll be glad to know that all these different panty types are readily available in Saudi Arabia.

Briefs, considered the classic ladies’ panty, offer good coverage on both the front and back side and are the best choice when you’re looking for a comfortable fit. The brief waistband is designed to sit above your waistline, making it appropriate for high-waist trousers and skirts. The panty will tower above low-waist bottoms so avoid these when wearing briefs. High-cut briefs are quite similar to regular briefs, the only difference being in the design of the leg openings. While classic briefs have the leg slits falling on the widest area of the hip, in high-cut briefs, the opening sits on the highest part of the hip. If you like walking around the house in lingerie only, you’ll love how long your legs look in high cut briefs. Bikini briefs give full coverage for the back but have narrow sides and leg openings that are cut high above the thigh, providing partial coverage at the front. The bikini waistband lies at the hip, making this panty ideal for wearing beneath low-rise bottoms.

Thongs, best identified by their barely-there design, are your best friend when it comes to eliminating panty lines. They’re designed to offer adequate frontal coverage while leaving most of the back bare, a style that makes them perfect for wearing under tight or snugly fitting clothes. Variations of the thong, which are designed more or less like the classic thong, are g-strings, v-strings, boy short things and tangas. Boy shorts provide full coverage both at the front and back. Their leg openings fall above the mid-thigh, usually the widest part of the hip. They are comfortable, and their low-rise waistline makes them an ideal undergarment for when wearing low-rise pants. Women’s boxers, also known as girl shorts, are modeled after (men’s) boxer shorts and have a loose fit design. Shapewear panties stand out for their stretch quality and are designed to smoothen and tighten the lower body for a more visually appealing look.

Shape up your body and take control of how you look and feel with choice panties from Saudi Arabia. Available in all lingerie stores, these panties are comfortable and great for both everyday and occasional wear.

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