Visit These Top Theme Parks of South Africa

Are you tired after a long busy week? Do you want to take a break and spend some quality time with your family? Are you looking for some great place to visit in South Africa?

South Africa is filled with its popular attractions and amusement parks in almost all the cities. If you want to take a break from after a long busy week, theme parks are the best way to refresh yourself. The theme parks of South Africa are very entertaining and not so expensive at the same time. Have a look at the theme parks below and plan a visit today.

Plett Puzzle World – Puzzles have always been a favourite game for kids and when it comes in a form of a whole park, it is really exciting. The Plett Park is also one of them in South Africa that has brought the first life-size 3D maze. This theme park will make you use your mind and body to solve the puzzle and win prizes. You and your family will really enjoy there.

Gold Reef City – It is based on the fantasies of kids and is themed with amusement rides. There are around 30 rides for your fun and entertainment. Every action story of kids is being replicated here in a new type of ride, which is very entertaining. There are few animals kept for extra fun and showcase a mini-zoo with tribal dancing shows that is really fascinating.

Ratanga Junction – This theme park is located in Cape Town. It will give you the feel of a home-grown theme park with a mesmerizing feeling at the entrance. It is designed in such a way that you will feel fresh between the subtropical plants and winding waterways. The daredevil rides will make you feel as if you are flying in the sky and will take you back down to 30 feet by pulling a chain. The cobra-shaped train will make you ride over the park and see the attractions. One of the largest and the biggest monkey falls in the world is here to amuse you. There are many other rides, which will make your day.

Sun City’s Valley of Waves – If you love playing in the water, you are at the most amazing place in the world. There are varied kinds of water plays that you can enjoy and pass your time. You can ride on the air tube at the fastest speed or you can also experience the fast waves of water generated in every 90 seconds.

Mini Town – This town is situated in Durban in the most fantastic transports you have ever seen. Trains shooting, airports and pulling of ships can be seen here. Children enjoy this very much and munch their mouth with refreshments and drinks.

South Africa is rich in such places and you can make the most of your vacations. Try to book the nearest accommodations to the theme parks and enjoy it to the fullest.

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