Watch Trends by Casio in Singapore

Casio is the most popular of its digital watches and sports watches, not to mention the famous G-Shock and Baby G watches, which are still among the most popular watches for the young generations. Due to its closeness to Japan and the popularity of Japanese watches and gadgets overall, in Singapore the demand for Casio watches is pretty high and there are so many places where you can buy Casio watches. Casio, next to watches also deals with other electronics such as calculators, cameras, music instruments and credit card terminals. These decades Casio has also come out with a more traditional collection with men and women that beautifully reflect their high expertise in watch making.

Casio watches were among the pioneering digital and analogue watches which used quartz crystals and also it was Casio watches which first included just features as calculator and thermometers in a watch and as if this wasn’t enough, Casio watches were the first which included a Japanese-English dictionary. Casio’s Data Bank Calculator was the first watch that could be used as a filofax with the ability to store appointments and other important data. Casio is still among the first when it comes to specialty professional watches, such as aviator, diving or deep diving watches. Some of their most popular models are the Edifice which is a very sporty model, the Sheen, the Casio watches collection for women, ProTrek which is the perfect watch for explorers. The Outgear is the new men’s collection of elegant yet fresh looking watches that lack Casio’s Eighties’ quartz digital screen and got back to the traditional watch outlook with the hour and minute hands. Duro 200 is the elite men’s chronograph collection looking very stylish and cool when Databank reflects the traditional values of Casio coming with a digital screen. Beside is the Ladies’ collection of super elegant chronograph watches with hour and minute hands while Futurist and Poptone are two ladies’ collection for the young generation featuring modern forms and having some great colours. The collection Standard is a unisex sporty watch collection with the non-digital outlook and the new Phys is the sports and running watch of Casio with heart-rate monitor and other intelligent features for professional sportsmen and women. We of course cannot overlook the super-popular G-Shock series that are sold in Singapore in high numbers both for men and for women (Baby G).

In Singapore, all the Casio watches are sold in high numbers. You can find Casio stores and Casio watches just everywhere in the city, most likely in the stores of City Chain, which is Singapore’s biggest watch retailer. The City Chain stores are located in nearly every Singapore shopping malls, so if you go along Orchard Road you are likely to find lots of Casio watches. G-Shock has its label stores too, but they are also sold in the stores of City Chain. You can find all sorts of Casio watches in the Funan Digital Mall and also they are sold by Cyber Times Zone which is the local Japanese watch expert in Singapore.

This means there is no way for you not to find Casio watches when you are in Singapore. Apart from the below mentioned stores Casio watches are sold in high numbers by several local watch traders. Look up the Mustafa Mall too in Little India.

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