Europe is the second smallest continent of the world in terms of surface area. Europe is surrounded by water bodies such as Atlantic Ocean in the West, Mediterranean Sea in South, Arctic Ocean towards the north and Black Sea towards the southeast.  The continent of Europe consists of fifty countries. Europe is in the third place in terms of population with 731 million people which is about the 11% of world population. Both World War I and World War II were greatly focused on this continent. Geographers define Europe as Eurasia’s western peninsula because the continent is surrounded by large water bodies towards the south, west and north.


European culture is a mixture of cultures that can be seen across European continent. Western culture is introduced in Europe especially in Ancient Greece.  City-state or ‘polis’ invented by Greeks play an important role in the cultural identity of Europe. Roman Empire also influenced the continent in terms of government, architecture, engineering, law and language.


No other continent has the popularity similar to that of the Europe as a tourist destination. Europe is popularly known as the paradise for tourists. Each country in Europe is a major tourist destination for the visitors. There are great things to understand about the history of Europe and places to roam around. European countries are economically stable nations because tourism is the major contributing factor of economy. Huge revenue is earned by each country each year and almost in all seasons. The geographical location of the continent also plays a key role in the natural beauty of Europe and thereby attracting millions of tourists to this continent.


The tourism is flourishing in Europe because of the beautiful landscapes, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Ocean and Alps Mountains. Apart from the natural beauty of the continent, tourists are also interested in the monuments, archaeological remains and ancient buildings that show the historical importance of the Europe. The continent offers unlimited experiences in terms of discovery and travel due to its cultural diversity and density. Eiffel tower is an architectural marvel of Europe situated in Paris as the height of the tower is 984 feet.  Acropolis, situated in Athens is an historical site and you can find other such ruins of ancient times in Greece. Another interesting place to visit is Roman Coliseum which was the amphi-theatre that could accommodate over 50,000 people.   


Tower Bridge built over Thames River is located in London and the bridge is a real wonder with its beautiful walkways and views of the city. Tourists also can go to the engine rooms to watch the steam engines that power to the bridge. Another interesting tourist spot is the Edinburgh Castle and the surrounding gardens which is more than thousand years old. Big Ben, the biggest turret clock tower of the world is situated in London is a popular destination of tourists. Cathedral Notre-Dame is in France that has historical importance and travelers can enjoy the windows, columns and beautiful statues here.  Some of the cities you must visit in European continent are Frankfurt, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Paris and London.

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