A Different Travel Guide of Mauritius

If you are dreaming of having a week of paradisiacal experience in a tropical island, then Mauritius is the right place for you. With this Mauritius travel guide, you may be able to know where in Mauritius you can get the best out of the best. From hotel accommodations, to dining, and scenic spots, Mauritius travel guide has it all. So don’t miss out all the fun in the island where even one of the most popular writers of all time, Mark Twain, was captivated. According to him, because of the beauty of this island, God first created Mauritius before He created the place called heaven.

Our Mauritius travel guide recommends the top places in the island such as the Port Louis and Rodrigues. These two places are included in the list of top destinations in Mauritius. Actually, Port Louis and Rodrigues are the two islands that make up Mauritius. Port Louis, also known as the island’s capital city, is by far, the bigger island between the two. But although Rodrigues, which is five-hundred kilometers away from the capital city, is smaller, there are also a lot of panoramic views and stunning places where you can go to and enjoy. Look for a Mauritius travel guide that will tell you all the must-see places here in Port Louis and Rodrigues such as the Champs de Mars, Fort Adelaide, the boulevard they call Edward VII A, and magnificent beaches in Rodrigues.

For those who are into resorts offering not only excellent facilities but views as well, our Mauritius travel guide definitely recommend that you go to the town of Grand Baie. This is where more tourists who love water-sports activities go to. Moreover, Mauritius travel guide talking about the Grand Baie town will surely not forget to mention that this town is also a host for several souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. Nightlife is also very much alive in this part of Mauritius.

There are so many activities that can be done in the beautiful island of Mauritius. According to several Mauritius travel guides, the beaches are the ideal place not only to unwind but to experience breath-taking water sports activities as well. Tourists would certainly love to do sailing, snorkeling, and diving here in Mauritius because of the calm water condition throughout the year. Take note also of the great casinos written in most Mauritius travel guides that can be found not only in town but in many beach resorts as well.

Of course, what kind of Mauritius travel guide will forget to tell you about the warm hospitality that the locals of the island give. They will be more than willing to tour you around in their island and cater you the best of their paradise. And since this is a place where India meets Europe, Mauritius is very capable of entertaining people having different cultures and traditions. Mauritius travel guide will give you a list of colorful festivities happening in this island yearly, that draws so many visitors annually.

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