Shopping Tour in Mauritius

Shopping is one of the activities that tourists enjoy when visiting places which are not yet familiar to them. When they shop for goods, for foods, for crafts, and other items that they can take home with them, it is like bringing along a part of that once-unfamiliar place’s culture. Whatever it is that they purchase from shopping, it serves as a token that would remind them of the wonderful experience that they had. That is why in Mauritius, there are a lot of places where you can do such activity. Tourists will be so happy in buying local products of the island of Mauritius because of the very inexpensive prices.

At Port Louis, you can all sorts of products that you want to purchase. Jewelries and other accessories are just some of the ubiquitous items not only here in Port Louis, but in the whole Mauritius as well. You can buy jewelries made from corals, pearls, silvers, as well as handcrafted woods. There is a wide range of jewelry designs since Mauritius is a place where different cultures meet. You will never get tired of shopping for your female friends or relatives who are into colorful accessories. Shopping for jewelries with high-quality and attractive designs is one of the major activities done by female tourists here in Mauritius.

When you are having a vacation at Mauritius, bring only a couple of your favorite clothes and do the apparel shopping once you get at the island. You can avail designer clothes at a very cheap price. There are a lot of luxurious good that you can purchase at a discounted price because of the duty-free shopping here in Mauritius. Pay either in U.S. dollars or the island’s local money called Mauritian Rupee. Aside from designer perfumes and clothes having discounted prices, there are also some shops where you can buy electronics, appliances, latest gadgets and jewelries at a discounted price. However, you must show your passport as well as the return ticket since the purchased items will be given at the airport before your departure.

Shopping for arts and crafts here in Mauritius can never be easier. These are the most rampant goods here in the island. Hats, baskets, corals, shells, and more are sold almost anywhere in Mauritius. Shopping for these items can be done in towns, markets, shopping areas and beach resorts. Model ships are the most purchased souvenirs by foreign tourists.

There are also a lot of tourists, especially those who are coming from Europe shopping for fabrics and textiles before leaving the island of Mauritius. Items such as cardigans as well as cashmere sweaters can be bought at a very cheap price. These are the same items that are exported to Europe and United States and sold at a very expensive rate. Women would love shopping for these fabrics and textiles especially at the factory shops located around Mauritius. There are also numerous shops that can do custom-made suits and can be done within twenty-four hours, to be delivered right at your hotel’s doorstep.

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