Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

There is so much to see in Abu Dhabi that these attractions and sites should all be included in an Abu Dhabi Travel Guide. We will try hereby, to make you a small version of Abu Dhabi Travel Guide including some of the best sites to see and the best attractions to visit.

There are of course some of the must-see attractions, which should be included in any Abu Dhabi, travel guide, let us enlist some of these:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: the enormous white mosque is the leading landmark of Abu Dhabi. With a size enough to accommodate 40.000 worshippers, the mosque is the finest example of Islamic architecture. Tourists can visit the mosque every weekday except Friday, which is the praying day for all Muslims. The admission in the mosque is in groups and it is completely free.

Central Souk: If you want to do some shopping, you should definitely visit the newly built Central Souk that is currently the highest visited marketplace of Abu Dhabi. Full of stores of all sorts, selling everything from fruits to souvenirs, the Central Souk is a great place to go to. The place is air-conditioned, which is a real relief for all tourists in the summer.

Old Souk: Located in the Al Dhafra downtown district, of the tourist area the old souk is especially nice to visit in the evening hours. The shops, shisha houses, cafes and restaurants make this place so colourful. All stores are opened at least until 9 pm with some more staying open up to midnight.

Heritage Village: The Heritage Village is a great place to discover, if you want to see the old lifestyle and handicrafts of local people. A great morning program, the Heritage Village is open from 9 am to 1 pm opening again for the evening.

The Emirates Palace Hotel: The brand new attraction of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace is the first seven Star hotel of Abu Dhabi and it looks and feels picturesque here. You either admire its building from afar or visit its Majlis Coffee house, the Emirates Palace is a must-see landmark.

Al Ain Complex: Al Ain Complex is a must-visit complex located in the downtown of Dubai, The complex contains a great sports centre a cultural area and a beautiful park, which is a Unesco World Heritage. If you want some great relaxing time, you should definitely visit this great complex.

The Corniche: The seaside Corniche is the most popular walking area for locals and tourists. It is located close to the tourist area and a great experience especially in the morning and evening hours. If you are here, do not miss out visiting Layali Zaman (Al Markaziyah) one of the best Shisha restaurants of Abu Dhabi.

These are the key attractions, which should not miss to be included from any Abu Dhabi travel guide, and we really suggest you not to miss out visiting all these great sites of the capital city, to know the real face of modern Abu Dhabi.

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