Traveling To Abu Dhabi

Would you like to avail a real treat from travel and vacation? Then choose no other destination except Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich capital and headquarters of oil operating companies. If your travel and vacation includes seeing architectural structures like new-aged buildings and sky scrapers, their finest are found in the Middle East. Surely, if before your travel and vacation, you are intrigued by the Abu Dhabi’s wealth in oil, their luxury through hotels, shopping malls, cultural centers and other tourists spots, then grab the exquisite experience of travel in a place where luxury is not a prize to win but a ready experience to grab on and enjoy.

Get in the well-maintained Abu Dhabi International Airport. Once you have arrived in the capital’s territory, your real travel and vacation experience will mark its beginning. Worry not of any grave troubles through Customs because your travel and vacation intention and the personnel shall never entangle you to any trouble-stricken conditions. Just always be ready with your passport, travel documents and the ready explanation of the nature of your trip in order for your travel and vacation to be trouble-free. Picking up your luggage is conveniently easy during your travel and vacation; however, do not be surprise of few carousels that will lift your baggage because of its scarcity in number.

Taxis shall be your transportation means during your travel and vacation. If you are privileged to stay at a hotel, then, many of these cabs are in the parking lot and are easily gotten. Bear in mind that as a tourist in your travel and vacation, never tip the drivers, giving an extra pay is not a practice in Abu Dhabi. Throughout your travel and vacation just express out your gratuity and everybody shall appreciate your friendliness.

In your travel and vacation, be forewarned that there are no other usable public transportation systems except taxis which are very cheap in terms of rate about 1.50USD. You may rent a car during your travel and vacation stays; however, be extra cautious because any traffic accidents that occur to you as tourist will be blamed against you without any other investigation of whose fault it really is.

While you are on your vacation, watch out for alcohol test administration. A month’s incarceration will be charged against you, if you are proven as drunk. Thus, never mess out your travel and vacation stay; do not drink alcohol before driving.

Should your travel need to connect you to nature’s beauty? Then surely, you may include in your vacation spree a visit to green space. Have your personal experience of superb play areas with desirable equipment for children. You will never regret your choice of destination for you travel and vacation, surely you will achieve real relaxation through the lovely and mesmerizing fountains, neon light’s swathes and the state-of-the-art sculptures. If you would like to enclose in you travel and vacation plan a trip to Abu Dhabi Museums then do not loss the chance to witness the capital’s profound history through its artifacts, visual arts et cetera.

Would you like to complete your yearning for a real package of travel and vacation trip? Then experience the man-made islands, the Lulu Islands in Persian Gulf. You may have your vacation there for days. Do not miss other exemplary stops during your travel in the Abu Dhabi. Watch the historical and cultural sights. Complete your vacation by moving out from a tourist spot to another scenic spot, malls, and to other known places that you should never miss.

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