Al Diar Capital Hotel

People will put a very high value on a name, and when it comes to business it is important to establish a good name if you want to get anywhere. One perfect example of a good name in business is to be found in the Middle East’s hotel industry, with Al Diar being in the business of providing a hotel that goes beyond the simple comfort and resting opportunities and allows the visitor to have fun without having to venture out too far. The Capital hotel – so named because of its location in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates – is one of Al Diar’s latest ventures in the Middle East’s hospitality industry and is possessed of a growing reputation as being one of the ultimate destinations for independent tourists to the UAE.

A brief proviso that it is worth making – you may well not enjoy this hotel as much if you are not of a mind to enjoy club culture, but with Abu Dhabi stacked high with great hotels this need not bother you unduly. If, however, you have traveled in search of the great nightlife that has become a feature of the city, why not stay in a hotel which has nightclubs, bars and restaurants attached along the bottom two floors? When you are finished dancing and having a great night, all you need to do is step out of the club and into the lift to make your way back to your room. For the duration of your stay it will be like having a club complex attached to your house. But this is not where the quality of the Al Diar Capital Hotel begins and ends.

This is, after all, a four star {Abu Dhabi hotel} in one of the world’s classier cities. And to earn those four stars, the Al Diar Capital Hotel goes above and beyond in terms of personalised service. If you have any concerns about your stay, just make them known to a member of the friendly staff upon checking in and they will gladly do the rest for you. This is something that is often mentioned by hotel brochures and websites, but all too seldom borne out by the truth. At the Al Diar Capital Hotel it is a reality and this makes your stay in the hotel more than just a simple place to lay your head. With excellent staff and wonderful facilities, the Al Diar Capital Hotel is an example of what the next generation of hotels are meant to be.

As well as the Rock Bottom club – widely recognised as one of the city’s best clubs, there are also numerous restaurants, including a wide range of different cuisine from around the world. The Indian restaurant is particularly highly thought of, with its curries considered to be every bit the equal of what you may find in India. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, there is nowhere better in Abu Dhabi to indulge them than the Al Diar Capital Hotel – a real jewel of a hotel.

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