Al Diar Sands Hotel

Whether on a holiday or a business trip, you will want your hotel stay to be as pleasant and as luxurious as possible. Going to Abu Dhabi will mean you are spoiled for choice in this respect as there are a great many hotels in the city, several of which are the absolute height of luxury. Even the less expensive hotels in this opulent city are some improvement on the typical standard of hotel in many other cities. So you know, then, when a hotel in Abu Dhabi is given five stars that it must be something special. The Al Diar Sands Hotel is one such location, and it earns every one of those five stars with its quality facilities, rooms and customer service, its one of the best {Abu Dhabi hotels}.

As will be familiar to frequent visitors to Abu Dhabi, the interior of the hotel is lined with marble and mirrors. This is a type of interior which does not come cheap and lets you know instantly that you are in a high quality hotel. Equally well set up for business travelers and for holiday makers, the Al Diar Sands will make any visitor feel at ease. The staff are not only friendly but efficient and endlessly helpful – this is something that applies equally to the front desk staff and to the other members. You will certainly feel looked-after on a stop at this hotel. The real revelation, though, is with the price. For a five-star hotel the Al Diar Sands really does go above and beyond in terms of affordability, often costing less than $100 for a room.

For such a price, you might expect a small room. In fact, for such a price, many people would expect a building site, but if the price is the first pleasant surprise you encounter when booking into the Al Diar Sands, then the second will be the quality of the rooms. How they manage to lay on such a wonderful service for such a low price is really beyond comprehension. For such a low price you can get two double beds , with plenty of space left over plus an ensuite bathroom. The furnishings are of a quality quite out of keeping with such value, and in every room you will find a color TV with satellite reception, a mini bar and internet access.

Outside of your room you can choose from any one of six different kinds of restaurant ranging from delicious Italian food to a Lebanese mezzeh restaurant, as well as a traditional English pub. Should you be in the city to do business, you will be relieved to find that you are very well placed for the business district as well as embassies and government offices. Should you be there for pleasure then you can spend all the more time enjoying the shopping district and the Corniche – viewed by many as the ultimate jewel in Abu Dhabi’s crown. If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality hotel, the Al Diar Sands should be top of your list. It provides quality and value in equal measure.

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