Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi

One of the Middle East’s most enduringly popular and successful hotel chains, Rotana has become a name which in the region passes as a byword for quality and reliability. This taken into consideration, it is something of a surprise that the company does not attach its name directly to each of its hotels. Regardless of this fact however, it cannot be denied that their hotels, such as the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi, are a consistently popular choice for business and pleasure travelers. With a reputation for comfort bestowed upon it by a string of satisfied customers, this is one hotel that does not divide opinion, but gets consistent praise from anyone who spends time there. What Rotana have done with the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi is not anything outstandingly innovative, but what they do they have done very well.

This is not to say that you will have a boring stay if you book a room at the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi. On arrival you will be greeted in a friendly manner and from that point onwards your every need will be treated as a matter of total importance by the staff here. There is the familiar styling that anyone who has spent a holiday in the United Arab Emirates will recognise – opulent quality all around, with no need to go over the top. Rotana concentrate on giving you a pleasant holiday experience or business trip without needing to give massive fanfare to the quality of this {Abu Dhabi hotel}. As the name is recognised throughout the Middle East as one that delivers quality at all times, that job is done.

What is truly impressive is that Rotana are able to deliver this kind of service without charging the earth – you can definitely find a room here for less than $300, and for that price you will be impressed with what you get. Bedrooms are large and spacious, but without being excessively plain. Unlike in many hotels, there is no bar – so if you are looking for the party capital of the United Arab Emirates you will not find it in the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi. If you want to go to a bar there are plenty locally, but what you get by staying in this hotel is peace, quiet and space – something that all too few places seem to consider important these days.

Yes, the Rotana name is one that really means something across all of the Middle East. You can be sure than whenever you stay in a Rotana hotel it is your needs that come first, and nowhere is this more pronounced than in the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi. As an example, almost all of us will have stayed in a hotel where the bathroom was akin to a shoebox. At the Al Maha Arjaan Abu Dhabi, the bathrooms are spacious, well-kept and well-appointed. This is something that makes all the difference for a traveler who has seen the interiors of a million hotel rooms and is filled with dread every time they turn the door handle. The Rotana experience makes sure that that is not your enduring memory of Abu Dhabi.

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