Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi

In terms of quality and comfort, there are some top names that chime well with anyone in the Western world. We all know these names, and when it comes to booking a hotel in any city – be it New York, Paris or London, or anywhere else besides – these are the names that come first to our minds. In the Middle East, the name that seems to have this effect more than any other is Rotana – a name which, quite simply, is synonymous with all that you hope for in a hotel. Rotana hotels dot all of the major cities in the Middle East, and it goes without saying that the United Arab Emirates are included in this. Abu Dhabi itself has a number of Rotana hotels, of which Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi is perhaps the most highly-rated.

Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi is situated right in the heart of the city. This is instantly a box ticked for any hotel, as experienced travelers will understand. How often are you told on a website or in a brochure that your hotel is “conveniently situated for the city center” only to book in and then require a taxi to get you anywhere you may wish to go? Such a problem will not occur when staying at the Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi. With a mall as well-renowned as the Al Wahda just thirty seconds away on foot, you can be in your room one minute and shopping within moments. In many cities, too, you have to make a choice between convenience, value and quality. One of these is acceptable, two is very good. But the Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi gives you all three.

A series of studio apartments, the Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi could very easily be a soulless location with little to enjoy about the interior. This is something of a standard with many hotel chains, which restrict themselves to offering a basic yet convenient solution to the question of where you are going to stay. Not the Al Rawda Arjaan Abu Dhabi, though. This is an ideal place to stay whatever the purpose of your visit. The beds are great in terms of size and comfort, there is a separate sitting room, and a kitchen that allows you to prepare a meal of any complexity at any time. With the mall nearby, this is an excellent solution if you are in any doubt over whether your budget will extend to some of the nearby restaurants.

All of this is before one even mentions the Abu Dhabi hotel’s staff. Anyone staying here will be astounded by the efficiency and the politeness of the staff, who make you feel as though you are the most welcome of guests, and treat anyone who stays there as though they were aristocracy. The rooms, as large as they are, are cleaned promptly and to a high standard every day, and make for an experience that anyone would feel privileged to share. All of this in addition to flat screen TVs showing cable channels and quality room service. Truly, a hotel that deserves all the good reviews that it receives.

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