Amazing Things To Do in Namibia

Namibia is a very big country. It has 13 regions and 107 constituents, each of these regions have their own tourist destinations. When you are planning for a Namibia travel adventure, decide on which places you want to visit. Plan your vacation well and make sure that you won’t miss any of the Namibia travel adventures that this place has to offer you.

To help you with your planning, here are some of Namibia travel tips that you can use and some of exciting things to do in Namibia:

• Game viewing in Etosha National Park, the largest park in Africa. Almost all kinds of American animals can be found in the Etosha National Park. This place is great for wildlife watching. Its saltpan attracts many species of animals and birds. Some of the animals seen in the Etosha National Park are elephants, wildebeest zebras, giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, big cats, lion, rhino, cheetah and leopard.

• Shopping in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. Most of the biggest and luxurious shops can be found in Windhoek. If you love to shop, Windhoek is the best place in Namibia for you. Some of their shops sell products and arts made by their local artists. This shop is god for arts and furniture collectors. The city’s best restaurants can also be found in Windhoek. You might want to try some of their local food and wine.

• Bird watching. Africa has many birding destinations, and one of these destinations is found in Namibia. The Caprivi Strip is a good destination for bird watching. Its parks are well reserved which attracts many species of birds. The Caprivi Strip is located in the Northern part of Namibia.

• Elephant watching. Namibia is known to be a country with many deserts. The Namib Desert is just one of those. In Namibia, elephant is one of the Namibia travel highlights much adored by many tourists. You can watch elephants looking at the trees and wondering along the Huab Rivers. You can sometimes spot them drinking from the rivers.

• Sand dune climbing. You will have an excellent Namibia travel adventure when you try sand dune climbing. Namibia is known to have the highest san dunes in the world. Some of the famous places in Namibia who have the highest sand dunes are Sossusvlei. In Sossusvlei, you can climb the highest dunes. There are also rivers nearby where you can watch animals drink.

• Hiking at the Fish River Canyon or Waterburg. This adventure is specifically recommended for people who have high stamina and strength. A tour in the Fish River Canyon or Waterburg takes long hours of hiking. You need to be prepared for this adventure. There are tour guides and trips that will help you during your hiking in Fish River Canyon. The {Waterberg Plateau Park} is also a good hiking destination. It has red cliffs that you will surely enjoy climbing. Some unique plants and animals can also be seen here.

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