An Unforgettable Holiday in Mauritius

We live in a world where travel is accessible to all, the world seemingly made smaller by how far and wide we can reach. Where foreign holidaying used to be reserved for the elite jet set, now most of us at some point in our lives can venture from the Mother Land and tread unfamiliar shores. But if holidays have become the norm, how can adventure seekers recapture that sense of the sublime adventure? The answer is Mauritius holidays.

Mauritius is an island nation just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the final frontier in those seeking more than just a couple of weeks in the sun. A holiday in Mauritius is one you will never forget, as the scenery, beaches, luxury and sheer breathtaking geographical beauty will capture you, forever leaving a little of your heart with the islands.

Mauritius holidays are about relaxation and glorying in unspoilt beauty, seeing the world as God intended it. There is no raucous package holidays, their only goal being to drink themselves stupid and perhaps have a holiday romance. Mauritius’s geographical location separates it from the somewhat seedy nature of the European holiday, giving one the same sense that early travelers may have felt just when they ventured to the next country along on the map. You may have to travel far for this wonder, but it’ll be worth it.

Mauritius holidays come in a wide variety of options. For the geographical adventure, there are lush mountain walks across the volcanic regions to explore, allowing the chance to study a land which is much unchanged from the time of it’s birth around 10 million years ago.

As well as this, Mauritius holidays can offer the chance to spend time underwater, exploring some of the most breathtaking coral reefs in the world. The main island of Mauritius is almost entirely surrounded by reefs, meaning no matter where you are, you can see this underwater environment for yourself.

If all of that sounds a little too active, Mauritius also manages to offer the ultimate in leisure and relaxation. Huge, sumptuous golf courses feature predominantly on the island. Some are attached to hotel and resort complexes, but the most stunning is available to all, just off the Belle Mare beach on the east cost of the island.

While all of this is wondrous in it’s beauty and variety, the main reason people travel to Mauritius is to bask in it’s beauty and relax. Spas feature heavily on the island, the majority of which are open-air, to fully allow the visitor to appreciate the volcanic wonders of the island.

Whichever type of holiday you prefer, be it the stunning mountain walks or the relaxed wonders of the spa, a holiday in Mauritius can provide it. Everything you do is played out on a stunning landscape, where the sea is blue, the sand white and the mountains and dormant volcanoes smiling down on you. For the holiday of a lifetime, you really need look no further.

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