Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

The parent company that owns and runs the Beach Rotana Hotel, use the strap line ‘Middle Eastern Luxury’ as part of their advertising campaign. While advertising and promotional material is always about selling the best of what you have to offer and making it looks as good as possible, in the case of the Beach Rotana Hotel, nothing they claim with this strap line is untrue. This hotel is the epitome of Middle Eastern luxury, and will provide a holiday stay that few are ever likely to forget.

The hotel complex itself is located in Abu Dhabi, which is often referred to as the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Located just half an hour from the main airport of the Emirate, Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Beach Rotana Hotel is a sea overlooking hotel right within the heart of some of Abu Dhabi’s most famed shopping districts. The hotel is set on its own beach, reserved exclusively for the use of the guests of the hotel, which is Middle Eastern splendour at it’s greatest; pristine white, clear sand overlooks a bright and clean lagoon, the perfect antidote to the soaring temperatures.

The architecture of the Abu Dhabi is so stunning, one may initially be distracted by the sight of the beach; the hotel design itself is enough to take one’s breath away. The uniquely shaped building houses thousands of windows, all of which reflect light and add to the impression of the hotel as a stunning luxurious place to stay. After all, it would not be stretching the bounds of supposition to suggest that if a design team have put so much effort into the exterior, the interior is going to be out of this world in beauty.

Thankfully, any such impressions are not to be disappointed; if possible, the interior décor and design of the Beach Rotana Hotel is even more stunning than the outside perspective. The design is luxury plus some, and this {Abu Dhabi hotel} itself is designed to cater to those who enjoy a little opulence and beauty in life. The hotel complex satisfies every possible whim a guest of the hotel could possibly have, with ten different award winning bars and restaurants on site, as well as ‘Zen’, the in house spa. Other amenities include access to the 120 meter strip of private beach, an outdoor children’s play area, tennis courts, a pool bar, various water sports, a full gym, sauna and steam room and two function lawns. Put simply; any visitor won’t be short of things to see and do.

Naturally, such luxury and choice comes at a price – and an extremely high one at that, with the cheapest rooms costing at least $350 per night. Discounts are available for longer stays, and holidays that are bought far (sometimes up to two years) in advance, which is well worth remembering if you want to grab a deal. The Beach Rotana Hotel is also a highly equipped business hotel, with conference rooms and an array of perfectly designed business amenities, so it may be worth trying to angle your boss to relocate the next step venture to the Middle East!

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