Best Times To Travel To Bahrain

Bahrain is an island country that lies in the Arabic Gulf. Bahrain comprises with desert plains. Considering the meaning of the word ‘desert’, generally, the weather is hot and there is high temperature in the whole island.

Bahrain is located in the middle of the south of Arabic Gulf that is why it is also called ‘Peal of the Arabic Gulf’. Maybe you would be asking – is location relevant if weather is concerned? Well, it is indeed important! Knowing the geographical location of Bahrain will help us to understand the amazing weather that Bahrainis are experiencing and it will be very helpful in scheduling a visit in Bahrain!

Usually, the weather during the months between June to October is hot and humid. Having 42C temperature is not shocking in Bahrain; actually, it is not yet the highest temperature ever recorded in the history of Bahrain. It is a desert plain so, it is expected to have a hot weather than a rainy weather.

Having the hot weather are cool for tourists who love desert adventures especially for the Bahrain Formula One Racers. Desert race, camel race and other Middle Eastern activities are held during these months. Bestowed with such weather makes Bahrain attractive in the eyes of the increasing number of tourists, may it be inside or outside the continent.

Having a hot weather requires proper clothing for a more enjoying visit. Since during the months of June to October, hot weather is expected; therefore, lightweight cotton clothes are advised to be worn. However, just like what we see in television shows, people are also advised to wear the long veil-like cloth to protect their face and eyes from the dusts during sand storms but of course, weather forecasters are attentive to help the people keep informed if the said phenomenon is most likely to occur.

For those tourists who hate hot weather, worry no more, because like the other countries near the Arabic Gulf and for those countries lying in the Middle East, Bahrain also experiences cold weather in winter. Actually, between the months of December and March are considered cold weather months. During the cold weather months, the thermometer records temperature of 10C as the lowest and 20C as the highest temperature. Weather forecasters usually remind Bahrainis to bring their umbrellas because rainfalls also occur even in winter times. Weather is unpredictable during these months.

During these months, people are advised to wear clothes with wool and thicker fibered cloth because just like what weather forecasters say – ‘we will be experiencing cooler weather condition’!

For those who fear the rain and hotness of the sun, spring and autumn days that begin during the end of March and ends in mid of April are the most pleasant months with pleasant weather. Fair weather is usual in these months.

These are the best months for strolling, shopping and the like activities. Cotton and linen clothing are okay during these months. It is one of the benefits of fair weather condition!

Weather in Bahrain is almost the same with the weather its neighboring countries are experiencing – sometimes the weather is rainy, sometimes the weather is fair but one thing is for sure, the sun kisses most often!

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