Bracelet Shopping Guide

Started from the tradition of Ancient Egypt, bracelet is popularized to be the easiest ornament to decorate human body. Nowadays the designs, materials, and styles of bracelets have largely changed. The fashion designers can no longer anymore separate the development of the bracelet’s design with their development of clothing designs, since people have become much aware that accessories and jewellery can even make them shine brighter than before. Singapore is one of the most strategic places to find good jewellery. The development of Singaporean jewellery industry and business keeps making people to be attracted to the city. Since the number of the jewellery enthusiasts is growing day by day, therefore many foreign jewellery brands also start to embrace Singapore as one of their headquarters in the international business.

To get the best bracelets means to know what is the statement of someone’s style. As bracelet is not only good for personal collection but also for special gift for people’s beloved ones, therefore the consideration of design, color, and size are very important. In that case, the designers have thought of various designs which are hoped to be universal enough to cover any taste and personality. There are many materials used to make beautiful bracelets. Gemstones, pearls, shells, rubber, and even wire are the possible articles which are cultivated to produce high end products with unique and authentic designs.

Sporty Designs
The development of fashion industry leads to the major shift of style. Jewellery and accessories is no longer woman’s exclusive item. Men’s jewellery and accessories are taking into account of jewellery industry. Many designers specify their work in making men’s accessories collections. Sporty-designed accessories are usually the favorite products for men. Bracelets in this category are usually the high end products made of cloth, leather, or even rubber. In Singapore, sporty style accessories and jewellery are quite common. If someone goes to Orchard Road, they will gather a lot of references of jewellery store, selling high quality products of sporty bracelets. HandBand and Uraraa are tho manufacturers which have wide range collections of bracelets with sporty style. HandBand features various collections of silicone band bracelets with colorful designs; from the bright to the dark masculine varieties. Uraraa offers trendy accessories including various bracelets from light metals, suede, or unique wire. Both brands offer distinctive look and fresh sporty statement for the wearers.

Classy Designs
The “heavier” and the more exclusive designs bracelets are available in nearly every corner of Singapore. In small more traditional markets or in the big shopping malls, there is so much jewellery sold with various pricing and designs. Metal classy bracelets are very popular in Singapore, even in the world. Precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, platinum, and silver are often used as the main materials of jewellery. The additional precious gemstones and articles such as diamonds, pearls, and semi precious gemstones such as amber, ruby, onyx, etc are also common in the jewellery-making industry. Reliable manufacturers of these products in Singapore are for examples Lee Heng jewellery, Tian Po jewellery, Sooke jewellery, and international jewellery brands such as Chanel, Boucheron, Anna Maria Cammilli, and Bvlgari. The brands are available in big shopping malls in Singapore such as ION Orchard, Knightsbride Mall, Paragon, etc.

Casual Designs
There are some kinds of jewellery; some are good for special events such as party and formal occasion, some others are designed for less formal, casual occasion. Casual jewellery is good and light enough to be worn in everyday occasion such as working or going to school. There is a good place in Singapore to find such kind of jewellery. Bugis Junction is the most recommended place. As the occasion to wear casual jewellery will be very common, it is better to wear just common jewellery with lower price than the more expensive one. In the Junction, people can ask for the best price they can get, meaning to say they can bargain as smart as possible. The products’ quality is particularly fair; but there are also some corners of more expensive products. For people with limited budget, surely this place is the first place to visit. Thousands of products with negotiable price; what can be nicer than that?

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