Fashion Statement With Bracelets

When you want to get married, there are lots of things you have to prepare include the wedding dress and jewellery. Bracelets are one of accessories that some brides would like to wear in order to beautify themselves. Before delving deeper, it would be good to know a little about the origin of the world bracelet. The word bracelet actually comes from ‘brachille’ which is a Latin word and the meaning is arm. Therefore, bracelet is an accessory that is usually worn on the wrist to get a unique style, trendy and classy.

Not only necklaces and rings, but bracelets are also accessories that some brides should have at their wedding in order to help them to beautify their appearance on the whole. A bracelet is made in such a way so it will emit light that sparkle to give a classy touch to someone’s wedding day. If you are looking for this jewellery now, it would be good for you to know some things before deciding or picking out the best one you like.

The first thing to consider in choosing bracelets for wedding is the style. A bracelet is made and transformed by its jeweller in various kinds of designs and styles. You can find it from simple style to the more complicated yet classy designs. This jewellery has been well known in all over the world and some of them which are popular among the customers are diamond tennis bracelet, Figaro, angel, charm, eternity and beaded bracelet. They can be found in a variety of beautiful and attractive designs. Choose one of them to complete and brighten up your extraordinary day.

Bracelets for wedding are made from the combination of great metals. Therefore, considering about the metals is the second thing to do. Metals that are used for making this jewellery are usually gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, bronze and aluminum. Gold itself is popular among the people and also comes in two options, yellow gold and white gold. If you are looking for a bracelet which looks more traditional then yellow gold is the appropriate one. The combination of yellow and white gold is another great choice which will help you to look trendier. Meanwhile, if you want to look fancy, then a platinum bracelet studded with diamonds is a perfect choice. A silver bracelet is also in demand by brides as it comes in affordable price. Other choices which are also very attractive to brides are bracelet made from tungsten, bronze and aluminum. A tungsten bracelet is a perfect choice for those who are looking for something extraordinary.

There are lots of gemstones used by jewellers to create beautiful {bracelets} and the most popular stone is diamonds. Most of brides choose diamond bracelet because it will look fit perfectly with other bridal accessories. Diamond looks very amazing and beautiful when cut into precious metal. Other stones that can be chosen for your bridal bracelet are sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, pearl, amethyst, perdiot and garnet.

Considering about the price of bridal bracelets is the last thing to do. The price usually depends on the metal, stone and design of a bracelet you choose for your wedding day. Nowadays, it is easy to get this jewellery accordance with your budget. Just find them in various stores, both online and offline.

This kind of jewellery has been available in almost all over the world include Singapore. In this city, in this place you will find some stores selling the best bracelet for your special day. The first store is Richard Hung Jewellers Pte Ltd (Singapore) which is located at 304 Orchard Road #01-24/25/30 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238 863 (+65 6734 6070). In this store there are lots of precious accessories you will find and you will love, such as diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Those jewelries are already transformed or made into rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants.

The second store is Tiffany & Co. This store has opened Flagship stores and retail stores in Singapore which are located at Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Road #01-05/ 06 & #02-05/ 06 Ngee Ann City 238872 (+65 6735 8823); Singapore – Raffles Hotel 328 North Bridge Road #01-05 Raflles Hotel Singapore 188719 (+65 6334 0168); Singapore – The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 2 Bayfront Avenue #B1 – 132/ 133 Singapore 018972 (+65 6688 7728); Singapore Changi Airport Departure/ Transit Lounge South Unit 026-082 Terminal 2 Singapore 819643 (+65 6543 2443); Singapore Changi Airport Departure/ transit Lounge South Unit 02-18 Terminal 3 Singapore 819663 (+65 6441 0018); and Tiffany & Co. – DFS Galleria Scottswalk 25 Scotts Road Singapore 228220 (+65 6229 8166). In Tiffany & Co. you will find jewelries made from great gemstones. Other accessories you will love are sunglasses, leather goods, sterling accessories and writing instruments.

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