Chinese Heritage Centre

The Chinese Heritage Centre is one of the most remarkable sites for the tourists in Singapore. It gives a great choice for everyone to know the ancient Chinese arts and heritage a lot better. With the help of the courses and representations of the Chinese Heritage Centre, you can get to know a lot about the Chinese traditions and their effects on the cultural life of Singapore.

It is no big surprise if we say that one of the most notable cultural effects in Singapore comes from China and most of Singapore’s actual habitants come from the Southern regions of China mostly of Hakka origin. Of course China, this incredibly huge country has its various regions, each one with its own heritage, but there are several forms of arts exercised all around China. China has one of the most ancient civilisations in the world and we can thank so much for the science and arts of China. In the Chinese Heritage Centre of Singapore, which you can find in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, you will get to know more about the Art of Tea Making, about the Art of Calligraphy, about the fine arts of China and about the story of Chinese who were among the first who came to Singapore to restart their lives there. You will be able to get to know about the birth of Singapore’s Chinatown and you can see the first photographs taken more than fifty years ago from the Chinatown. You can learn more on each region’s artworks and the main differences. You will also learn about the first Chinese educational institutes of Singapore which itself too is located in the first Chinese speaking University of Singapore called Nanyang Technological University.

The setting of the Chinese Heritage Centre will also make you feel relaxed as the beautiful heritage centre overlooks to the Yunnan Lake. Among the exhibitions here, you can also find stories and statistics on the Chinese Diasporas toward Singapore; you can learn more on the architectural styles of the Southern Chinese regions. You can learn more on how Chinese feel about living in different countries and how can they make their own little China in every country in the world. You can learn about Chinese Buddhism, Tao, and the Chinese philosophers too. This centre helps you a lot to feel for the Chinese and to learn a lot more about this so special nation. The Chinese Heritage Centre in Singapore has many exhibitions in its building, most of them being temporary exhibitions. The culinary delights also serve more than well over here by a great restaurant representing some of the best Southern Chinese specialties for the visitors. There are also brilliant guided tours held in the Chinese Heritage Centre from time to time. If you take part of one tour of this, you can learn so much more on Chinese culture in Singapore and in China.

The Chinese Heritage Centre, although being a cultural centre is simply great to visit. If you have some free hours and want to do something enjoyable, visit the Chinese Heritage Centre in the Chinatown of Singapore, you will see it will be well worth doing it.

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