Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

The Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple of Singapore is among the most noticeable Hindu temples of this so colourful country having built in the mid 1900’s the The Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple is also among the highest visited temples of Singapore, having built in the distinctive Indian Chola architectural style.

The Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple looks and feels different from the other featured Hindu temples. Having built in 1850, the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple has an interesting and notable story according to which a pond on the place of today’s temple has revealed a sculpture of Lord Vinayagar. Together with the Chempaka tree on its shore, it gave the believers the feeling that it is a blessed place for setting up a temple dedicated to Lord Vinayagar. The first temple, which was built here, was a lot simpler form worship place that not too long ago has been totally rebuilt in order to make it one of the unique temples of Singapore. This special Hindu temple in Singapore contains an alone standing unique arts collection referring to the life of Lord Vinayagar even with 32 sculptures all featuring the God in different dancing and movement positions. Its other notable elements consist of the Rajagopuram tower by the entrance, which looks unique due to its Chola style.

Chola nation has been a very important and notable nation with especially great designing and building qualities having built several outstanding temples in India. The 32 forms of Lord Vinayagar are all carved into the granite pillars within the temple’s praying hall. Out of the four pillars, each one carries eight beautiful sculptures. In addition, here you can find several colourful murals telling about the most important happenings of Lord Vinayagar counting from his birth until his marriage.

This can be thanked to its different style and design. Located on the Ceylon Road in Singapore’s Little India district, this temple is featured in two of the most important Little India touristic trails, namely the Joo Chiang and the Katong Touristic Trails too. The temple has been renovated and again consecrated in 2003 upon the finishing of the renovations. Another distinctive feature of the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple is it’s very nice dome which is also called Ashtalakshmi Dome because it houses some really beautiful painting taken from the life of Goddess Lakshmi. There are 8 out of these paintings.

Etiquette within a Hindu temple: In Singapore, it is great that you can visit almost every place no matter what your religion is, you are properly dressed and have acceptance toward different cultures and religions. Also, the entrance to all these beautiful worship sites is free in Singapore. When you step into the main hall of a Hindu temple, you must take your shoes and socks off. In the entrance of the Hindu temples, you will see bells that are ranged by those who want to pray to either Lord Vinayagar or to Goddess Lakshmi. If you go with the SBS Bus Nr. 12 starting from the Bugis Juncion then you can get to the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple very easily without much effort.

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