Cold Storage Supermarkets in Singapore

Let’s see one of the biggest and most popular chain of supermarkets in Singapore: the Cold Storage Supermarkets. Let us find out what to buy here and where to find its stores, along with a little bit of introduction.

Cold Storage is currently the second largest chain of supermarkets with stores in Singapore and in Malaysia likewise. The brand sells everything from grocery to home ware and has many achievements that make Cold Storage the top supermarket brand of Singapore.

Founded in 1903 when Singapore was still well into being, one of the major South East Asian colony of the British Empire, Cold Storage Supermarket Chain was created with the initial goal of helping all the large number of British workers such as officers, merchants, military men and British housewives with their transition with the much different tropical Far East and provided a huge deal of British goods, transported straight from the United Kingdom. The Cold Storage was also the main point of contact for many with all the tropical products which British expats came to know this way. As per Cold Storage, the supermarket chain had a huge role of connecting British expats with the tropical Singapore while offering them enough original British goods in order for them to feel at home in the same time.

• Cold Storage is the oldest supermarket operator with such a big name
• Cold Storage is the first supermarket chain to implement a fully guarded and integrated service in order for the exported foods to have full quality even after de-freezing them.
• By shifting from counter service to self-service Cold Storage was the first modern supermarket in Singapore.
• Cold Storage is the very first supermarket chain that was awarded with the highest quality standard category, the HACCP certification.
• Cold Storage was the very first supermarket chain to be awarded with the quality MUIS certification.
• In addition, Cold Storage is the very first Singapore supermarket chain that provides assurance of Muslim Halal Food in the history of Singapore.
• Cold Storage is proud to wear the CASE TRUST mark that is given only to those who are able to gain a high level of customer confidence.
• Cold Storage was the very first Singapore supermarket that brought all its market also online from 1997. You are able to buy anything from the website of Cold Storage.

Departments: Delicatessen, Seafood, Bakery, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry, Dairy & Frozen, Grocery, Beer & Wine, Home Choice and Non-Food. Non-Food department sells electronics and gadgets.

Locations: Cold Storage has more than 30 stores in the downtown of Singapore alone. You can find its stores in smaller or bigger shopping malls, such as Funan Figitalife Mall and along Orchard Road by Centrepoint.

If you are looking for high quality good of any sorts, or great fresh ingredients, do not hesitate to check out the stores of Cold Storage. You are guaranteed not to search any quite further.

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