Cruising in Croatia

People taking ferries, boat sails or yacht is a normal sight for the locals of Croatia. However, for the travelers and foreigners, being in the Adriatic touring across Croatia and neighboring places is such an extraordinary experience with all the sea, sun and fun while in the tour.

Croatia is a country that can be toured and be reached through waters. There are a lot of ferry companies that has routes all along the coast. Ferries travel to and from Split and the local islands of Hvar and Vis. There are those who travel from Zadar to the islands of Silba, Olib and Premuda. Some ferry services however only offer routes that goes between Orebic located on the Peljesac Peninsula and the Korcula Island. International ferry route is also available. So far it is only between Croatia and Italy. The price happens to be much higher than taking a bus but with all the sceneries in sight, makes it all worth it.

Touring most of Croatia can be done by cruising along the sea since most part of this country is submerged in water. It is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind while visiting the beautiful island. This will be the most rewarding experience in Croatia, a tourist will ever have.

The whole Croatian coast is almost 6 kilometers comprised of more than 1,200 islands and islets. It is a truly a remarkable sailing ecstasy of exquisite natural beauty. Your eyes will be filled with fantastic highlights which vary on each island, making every trip a surprise. Be enchanted with the glorious sunsets, greener than green trees and shrubs, and delightful aromas of wild herbs and spices on the unspoiled part of the Mediterranean. While on the tour, feast on the delicious cuisines made from the freshest sea foods, as it is being prepared to you in the traditional way called Konoba. While dining with the cold breeze, warm weather and fine wines, let the local serenade you in a capella as they show the hospitality they are generally known for.

Every year, thousand and thousands of tourists choose to have the Croatian Cruising. This way, they could have their best holiday ever. Aside from the experience mentioned above, they will be able to visit isolated bays, secluded islands and virgin forests. A sweet escape from the typical hustle and stressful normal routines they used to encounter back at home. This is the epitome of a getaway island and an extraordinary happening to get close to nature.

The whole tour usually lasts not shorter than seven days. With that span of time, tourists will be visiting different towns with each having its own rich history to tell. They may also get a peek of the locals’ culture with their every stop.

The fun is not just outside the cruising line. There will never be dull moments while the boat is the move. Aside from sightseeing, you can do activities like sunbathing and fishing. This will be the most lasting vacation memory, which surely, you don’t want to miss.

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