Must See Attractions of Croatia

Croatia’s must-see places do not end on beaches and landscapes alone. It is a place filled with heritage cities that it can boast. Dubrovnik is the most popular cities in Croatia. The ancient city itself is already an asset, an attraction for most tourists. There, you will find the hottest spots for your camera. The Big Fountain of Ononfrio is the most well-known monument in the city of Dubrovnik. It was named after Onofrio de la Cava, the Neopolitan architect who built this monument in 1438-1444. Now a tourist attraction, this two-story masterpiece used to be a part of Dubrovnik’s water supply system to help move the water from the river of Dubrovacka. It was not until the earthquake of 1667 heavily damaged most of Dubrovnik, that the Big Fountain of Ononfrio lost the second-story.

In Osijek, lies the second highest tower in Croatia. It is a Neo-Gothic structure called The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul (Sv Petar I Pavao). This church is so high that it can be seen all throughout Osijek. Although this is just a parish church, people consider it be to a cathedral because of its measurement which is 90 meters / 295 feet. If you are a sculpture enthusiast, you would appreciate the sculptures created by Eduard Hauser, all placed inside the church. The stained glass windows (total of 40) are also one of the things that made this church interesting. The designs were created by Franz Langenberg. However, not all stained glass windows are still flawless. The bombing event in 1990’s broke down most of the windows.

Rijeka has a Christian site called Petar Druzic Stairway. The said stairway’s path leads to the church of Our Lady of Trsat (Gospa Trsatske). This is the only way to reach the church. The steps of Petar Druzic Stairway have 538 steps all in all.

In Central Croatia is where Zadar lies. There are no more historical places to visit at Zadar, for the bombings and invading forces destroyed most of it. But in the Southeast of Zadar is a resort called Biograd-na-Moru. The resort is abundant in natural beauty that is why most yatchers go here. It is positioned near the Croatia’s largest lake, the Vransko Jerezo, which is famous for bird sight-seeing.

Croatia’s attraction also includes a tower in Pula or Pola. It is called the Arch of Sergi. Some call it as the Triumphal Arch of Sergius or Slavoluk obitelji Sergijevaca for the locals. Under the supervision of Salvia Postuma Sergia, the monument was made in the 21st century BC. This serves as a commemoration for the three members of the Sergi family who died in the battle between the Octavian and Egyptian-Roman where Octavians won the battle.

The country is also rich in national parks. Among them is the Krka National Park (Nacionalni Park Krka) located in Sibenik, Dalmatia. Tourists will be filled with awe as they capture moments with 200 species of different kinds of birds which includes egrets and herons. You can also see some cultural spots here like Orthodox Krka Monastery to name one.

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