Delfi Orchard Singapore

Singapore is well-known for its extreme number of shopping malls and shopping possibilities. Yet, few people know that most of the downtown shopping malls have their own sort of specialisation as well. Delfi Orchard could be called as the “Wedding”shopping mall, for its extreme number of bridal and wedding stores, selling a great range of bridal and groom garments, accessories and of course women’s wedding shoes. Of course, Delfi Orchard is a great place to visit also if you do not plan to tie the knot. Full of jewellery stores, fashion stores and a huge Starbucks Café, Delfi Orchard is the place to go, to relax and to look around. Let us see what Delfi Orchard has on offer for the shopper in Singapore.

Delfi Orchard is located at the Orchard Road and it is quite easy to spot as it has its very own hotel as well, the Orchard Hotel. Delfi Orchard stands in the neighbourhood of the luxurious Treetops Executive Residences, facing the Orchard Palace Hotel right next to another shopping mall, the Palais Renaissance. This all gives quite a posh neighbourhood for the popular shopping mall and ensures an always-high number of visitors every day. Delfi Orchard is a mall where you can get to find high quality jewellery.

Let’s enlist the most popular jewellery stores of the mall: Barrocco, Barry’s Gems, Confetti by Mui, Fairy’s Inc., The Canary Diamond Company, Zyan Jewellery, Jewel Couture by Ying…

The shopping mall has some of the best quality wedding stores in town which include some of the following high quality stores: Amanda Lee Weddings, Blue Bay Wedding, Bridal Veil, Olive Suite, The Men’s Club

In these stores, you can also get personalised tailoring services and in the wedding stores, you can ask for advice with regards of a wedding agency. The fashion stores here also sell high quality evening dresses and gowns for the ladies. In its textile stores you can get to choose the material of your future outfit, then get your dress tailored for you.

If you desire some pampering after a long day, you should not miss visiting one of the 20 beauty establishments located at Delfi Orchard, which include everything from nail and hair salons to cosmeticians and spas. Try COMO Shambala Urban Escape beauty Spa for a great relaxing treatment. The Delfi Orchard is also rich in aesthetic clinics and it is the only mall where you can get specialised hair restoration treatments at Bosley Hair Clinic. If you would like to check out the local aesthetic services check out the Aesthetic Centre & Medical Clinic. You can also get a professional hair removal at the salon of Bare Hair Removal. For advices on professional hair care or to do a real wedding frisure for you, check out one of the fine hair salons of Delfi Orchard Shopping mall, such as Link Hair Care Trichology Center.

Delfi Orchard lies quite close to Orchard MRT Station and it is very easy to access from there. If you are looking for wedding dress or outfits or want a pampering day for you, check out the Delfi Orchard Shopping Mall, which is clearly one of the best-specialised shopping malls of Singapore.

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