Desert Homestead Sossusvlei

The Desert Homestead Sossusvlei is a luxury accommodation of 20 country chalets. It is located more than thirty kilometres southeast of the Sesriem Canyon. It is actually a grassy valley nestled between the Nubib, Tsaris and Naukluft mountains. The villas are built in a traditional manner, providing a rural African ambience to its guests. Privacy of the guests is of utmost importance, so the chalets are all built a little away from each other. Each chalet is decorated in pale fabrics and the furniture is all in dark wood and traditional riempie. Guests can opt for either single or double beds. The living space of the main lodge are all open air. The best part about the villas is that they use only solar energy to run the fans or heaters. There is also a cosy veranda which is ideal to watch the magical sunrises and sunsets or even enjoy a quiet dinner with only the quiet magnificence of the desert as a companion.

To emphasize the rustic atmosphere of the Desert Homestead Sossusvlei, the management offer home cooked meals. The vegetables are fresh and farm grown and the food is prepared and served in the finest manner. The homestead also has a lounge with a satellite TV and internet connection. The lounge is known for its traditional African interiors with leather chairs and sofas. An attached bar with a competent bartender completes the look and feel of a lounge. A gift store adjoins the lounge area. A luxurious swimming pool lies in front of the main building of the Desert Homestead Sossusvlei.

The major attraction of the Desert Homestead Sossusvlei is the sunrise and sunset drives. For the drives, the homestead provides riding horses of the finest breed. All the horses are quiet and can be handled without any problem. For the Sunrise Ride, guests meet for coffee, tea and biscuits. Once everyone including the horses is ready, guides lead the guests on a riding trail. Along the trail one can see dry river beds, huge Camel Thorn trees, grassy plains and mountains. This goes on for a couple of hours after which the riding party stops for refreshments. Guests can choose from a wide range of dishes to be washed down with juice and coffee. Once breakfast is done, the troupe marches back to the homestead, while the horses go back to the stables.

The Sunset Ride takes the same course along the river, the grassy plains but take a detour towards the mountains. The riders and the horse go up the slopes of the Rotterkaum Mountains and halt for drinks and refreshments. The party waits till they watch the magical desert sunset and they finally ride back to the stables. The guests call it a day and then turn in for the sumptuous dinner provided by the Desert Homestead Sossusvlei. Guides also take guests for trips to the Sesriem Canyon and climbing expeditions up the Naukluft mountains. A tour of the Neuras Wine Estate is also included. This African journey does not end, as the scope of the Desert Homestead Sossusvlei is as endless as the desert itself.

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