The Natural Beauty of Sossusvlei

Namibia, a southern African nation is known all over the world for its high quality diamonds and the magnificent dunes of Sossusvlei. In fact, the Sossusvlei is one of the chief reasons why Namibia travel has become so highly popular. The Sossusvlei is basically a shallow depression which cradles the waters of the Tsauchab River and is surrounded by sand dunes that are a part of the mighty deserts of Namibia. The dunes and the clay pan together complete the Sossusvlei and with their red hued and tinted sands, they attract admirers from the world over.

Tourists and photographers alike come to marvel at the beauty of the Sossusvlei. The ancient dunes with their varying colours and razor sharp peaks and slopes offer a treat to human eyes as well as the camera lenses. This profound beauty of the dunes is quite peculiar and it lies in the nature of the sand itself. The newer sand is flecked with darker shades of red with tinges of orange, while the more ancient particles appear pink or sometimes an even brilliant mauve. Not only that the sand dunes look different from sunrise to midday and from noon to dusk. This natural patterning paired with the sunlight playing on the dunes is virtually the main reason why Namibia travel is so unforgettable. The Sossusvlei is at its magnificent best at sunrise and sunset.

A visit to the Sossusvlei is incomplete without a trip to the clay pan, when it is filled with rain water or water from the Tsaubach River. Even if the Vlei is dry, people do make it a point to see the pan’s bed. The next tourist attraction is the Sesriem Canyon. Legend has it that early trekkers used six (ses) leather thongs (riem) to draw water, hence the name. The significance of this Canyon lies in its ability to hold water even in the driest of the seasons because of its depth. The canyon is barely visible in the beginning, becomes wide and then flattens on to a plain. The water in the Sesriem is a refreshing change after all the harshness of the Sossusvlei. The canyon is 60 kilometer from the Sossusvlei.

Air ballooning in the Sossusvlei is an excellent way to experience Namibia travel. The guides who offer air ballooning services pick up their clients from their respective accommodations and take them to the take off site. Once lifted into the air, tourists can get a whole new view of the Sossusvlei. Though most of them cover only ten miles of area, nothing can stop you from witnessing the endless space of sand and dunes.

The best way to travel is by car. One can get around quite comfortably in a regular sedan or a two wheel drive. But it is easier if tourists commute in four wheel drives because of the sand and the bumpy roads. To make this Namibia travel more wholesome and comfortable, several organized tours are available. The roads are good, the signboards are easy to understand and navigation to any destination in Namibia especially the Sossusvlei is simple. So, get packing and experience the extraordinary beauty of Namibian travel.

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