Desert Island Resort & Spa Abu Dhabi

Most likely, if someone suggests a holiday among natural wild animals to you, images of truly roughing it in a tent on a safari probably spring to mind. After all, it would seem necessary to go to the levels of animal habitat to enjoy nature’s creatures, and few expect a real wildlife experience without sacrificing at least some level of human comfort. Yet, it is possible to be among wildlife and natural species without sacrificing a love for plush, five star accommodation.

Desert Island Resort and Spa is one of the best {Abu Dhabi hotels}, set among wild nature parks, including the nearby Arabian National Park. It is possible to find a stunning, five star luxury hotel and still be able to see animals in their natural habitat virtually from your bedroom window. As well as the wildlife, Desert Island Resort and Spa is set among archaeologically thrilling settlements that date back to the Stone Age; and all within a stone’s throw of the crystalline water of the Arabian Gulf.

The animals are due to a successful breeding program begun by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyran, who on behalf of the owner – Sir Bani Yas – sought to create a wildlife experience unlike any other. Traditional desert animals of all species and sizes are available here, with antelopes featuring heavily in the promotional photographs of the resort.

The name Desert Islands Resort and Spa is not just an attractive marketing gimmick; it is in fact a representative of the truth of the area. The hotel is located on a small, rugged island in the Arabian Sea, some eight kilometers off the coastline of United Arab Emirates state Abu Dhabi.

This back-to-nature vibe is continued throughout the décor of the hotel, which is muted, stylish and undeniably Arabian. The Desert Islands Resort and Spa has 64 rooms, and three different types of suites as well as private villas. The entry level suites are called Junior Suites, and are 80 square meters in size. They offer separate living and bedroom areas, a kitchenette and private sea facing balconies. These Junior Suites are priced at around $550.

The next level are the Beach Villas, of which there is only four. Each has a private splash pool, and is set among a tropical garden. At 120 square meters, they have all the features of the Junior Suites merely set to larger scale. Each of the villas also have direct beach access, giving you an immediate entrance to the crisp white sand and the turquoise brilliance of the Arabian Sea. A one night stay is around $900.

The third, and most impressive, option are the Royal Villas. There are two of these on the island, both offering a unique butler service and 200 square meters of space. There are two bedrooms in each, as well as a private pool, tropical gardens, living room, lounge space and separate dining area. As one would expect, this level of luxury in this kind of setting is expensive: rates for one night begin at $3000.

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