Discover The Best Theme Parks of Singapore

When it comes to theme parks and family entertainment, then Singapore is the best place on Earth to visit. Full of nature-inspired theme parks, water theme parks, scientific theme parks and theme parks just for fun, you will find that there is entertainment here for weeks ahead. Thanks to the great climate of Singapore, the theme parks here work all year long. Let us look at some of the best Singapore theme parks perfect for a family holiday.

If you look for Singapore theme parks, it is the best to start your journey on Sentosa Island, which is a theme park in itself for the Singaporean families. You can find plenty of entertainment together with beautiful parks where you can get amazed by the beauty of the flora and fauna of Singapore. Sentosa Island adventure starts with the way to get there: by a cable car from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Singapore. Let us look at the great Singapore theme parks on Sentosa Island.

Universal Studios Singapore
The biggest theme park of South East Asia, Universal Studios delivers a great experience for the whole family. Once you are here, you will see that you could stay for even a week! Each seven themes of the park deliver a different atmosphere and transport you in a wholly different world. With 3D movies, meeting with your favourite heroes from dozens of movies with lots of specialized entertainment for all age groups, the Universal Studios delivers the biggest experience from all Singapore theme parks. Located inside Sentosa World Resort, which is like a whole island alone, being full of entertainment, shopping and recreational facilities, you can book a great family holiday over here like many locals do, to get away from the everyday and be transported in the world of movies and wonders.

Marine Life Park
The Marine Life Park is only partly a theme park, because it also contains a whole research and action centre that works on the preservation of underwater life and works hard against the illegal methods of fishing, besides maintaining so many other preservative methods. This theme park is great for all the family because it helps everyone to learn a lot about sea life and be amazed by the beauty of all fishes. The S.E.A Aquarium is among the biggest aquariums in the world and Marine Life’s Adventure Cove Theme Park is the biggest water-filled fun for all the family. Marine Life Park is part of Sentosa World Resort. Marine Life Park is among the highest visited Singapore theme parks at Sentosa Island.

MegaZip Adventure Park
MegaZip Adventure Park is the most action-filled of all Singapore Theme Parks. This theme park has such adventures that other parks simply do not have and most importantly, they are designed to accommodate every generation. MegaZip Adventure Park will make visitors possible to travel above ground along an aerial rope course. There are different sorts of free-fall simulators and zip wires you have never seen before. The Flying Fox course brings visitors through jungles and over beaches. The courses range in height and length with the highest one being 72 metres high above sea level. There are also ground adventure trips too, a real jungle route! You can exercise parachute landing too. There is so much to do here. All routes are heavily secured.

These are just some outstanding examples of great Singapore theme parks. You can find so many more either on Sentosa Island or on the “mainland” of Singapore City. Good examples include the Flight Experience Singapore, a great flight simulator experience, the Wild-Wild Wet, which is Singapore’s biggest water theme park not forgetting about Snow City, a real snow land where you can try skiing or simply build a snowman.

Singapore theme parks deliver great fun for all the family without exception and the best in them is their great variety. If you are travelling with family, do not miss visiting the great local theme parks, especially Sentosa Island, the biggest theme park of Singapore.

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