Eclipse Boutique Suites

Boutique hotels are something different for people who spend a lot of time in hotels. The idea of a boutique hotel is one that does not appeal to everyone, but then that is the idea. While fast-food joints may attract a mass market, the top-class restaurants are always going to attract connoisseurs. While there are any number of popular singers and groups who will sell so many records that they go multi-platinum, there are also your critically-acclaimed acts who may not sell so many records but will have a devoted audience of specialist music fans and experts. So in hotel terms, a boutique hotel is your “off the beaten track” alternative to the mass market. And if you have spent a lot of time in hotels you will often find that you are just about ready for a change.

Whatever your reasons for coming to Abu Dhabi, there is a lot to do while there. Sometimes, however, you just want a base you can look forward to going back to. The Eclipse Boutique Suites are that very thing. they are sleek and minimal while also being well-equipped, so you can put your own stamp upon your location and make it your base, something that you know you will enjoy, rather than something an architect and a decorator decided you would like. This is why boutique hotels are popular among regular travelers. They get the chance to make something that feels like home, rather than feeling they have to live out of a suitcase in a room that is impersonal and homogenous.

A good boutique hotel is something which, while quite different to the average hotel, will still be well received by a good number of people. If you are looking for a hotel that will appeal to a minimum number of people, then you could dispense with beds and bathrooms and make it as uncomfortable as possible. A good boutique hotel will take the concept of a hotel room and make changes that are interesting and stylish. In a good boutique hotel, even the most basic-minded of individuals will be able to appreciate the quality that is there. The Eclipse Boutique Suites have that quality, and are becoming ever more popular among travelers to Abu Dhabi.

You can tailor a boutique hotel room to your tastes, but this certainly does not mean that a stay in one will depend on you to make it enjoyable. There are plenty of things made available for the visitor here, including room service and dry cleaning. In keeping with the boutique idea of the hotel, however, there is a barber shop and a beauty boutique, as well as a shoe shine service. Every boutique hotel should have a set piece that makes it stand out on its own, and with The Eclipse Boutique Suites, that would be the Suria restaurant, an Asian restaurant serving fusion cuisine, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mixing varied Asian cuisine with the feel of a French-style bistro, this is a real jewel in the crown for the Eclipse. Check out more {Abu Dhabi hotels} and reviews before travel to this beautiful destination.

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