Escape Theme Park

scape Theme Park is Singapore’s nr 1 fun park combined with water theme park attractions too. The Escape Theme Park delivers several never-seen-before surprise facilities for the guests who are either teenager of families. The theme park is situated in Pasir Ris quarter, Singapore.

In May 2000, the NTUC club opened a theme park in Singapore named Escape Theme Park, with “360 Degrees of Fun” as the slogan of the theme park. The Escape Theme Park was a kind of thrill and spill amusement park located nearby a water park named Wild Wild Wet, which was opened in 2004. In November 2011, the NTUC club announced the Escape Theme Park for redeveloping. They said the plans would be revealed later but the redevelopment would be to meet the changing needs of guest, though some says that the park was closed due to declining business and the site will be used to expand the Wild Wild Wet water park, which was adjacent to the park site. However, since its opening until November 2011, The Escape Theme Park, which is located at Downtown Eas 1, Pasir Ris Close, has attracted more than four million people, a proof of how people love it so much.

The Escape Theme Park first opened in 2000 as a Fun and Water Park. The water park of Singapore called Wild Wild Wet is located right next to the Escape Theme Park. What is interesting about the theme park is, that It’ operated solely on public weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and on public or school holidays. The fun park features many sorts of different rides, which include both thrill and family rides. The huge Escape Theme Park occupies quite a large area today and you can be sure that you will not get bored over here and of course, neither will your family. The park is a popular place to go during the weekends.

If you want to get there, there are several buses to take for alternatives: bus number 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 345, and 358 from the Pasir Ris bus interchange. If you want to go there by MRT, you can take the MRT to Pasir Ris MRT station. Then go pass the White Sands Mall to Pasir Ris Central Road. Take left at the crossroads then go down until you reach the Pasir Ris Drive Intersection. Turn right, walk for another minute past The Alley and Elhub, and go left into Pasir Ris Close. You will find a large car park and if you pass this car park, you will find yourself right at the front of Escape Theme Park main gate. There was also a free shuttle bus services which operating every 30 minutes until 11.00 pm from Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris. The Escape Theme Park opens every Saturday, Sunday, and Gazetted School and Public Holidays from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm, but it will be closed on Teacher’s Day, PSLE Marking Day, and Children’s Day.

Hereby we represent you with some of the most outstanding facilities within the Escape Theme Parks:
* Daytona Beginner’s Park and Daytona Go Kart lead you in the world of Go-Karting. As you may have guessed from their names there is a Go-Kart round which is for the beginners and the other track is for those who know how to drive them already.

* Pirate Ship: It’s among the most popular attractions of the Escape Theme Park, it’s a huge swinging ship.

* Wet and wild: it is among the water park activities of Escape Theme Park and its Asia’s highest log flume water ride. Only for those who are not afraid from speed and some heavier movements.

* Central Pavillion: this part of the Theme Park is for the youngest generations and for those wishing to take a little rest. Here, there are food and drink facilities and all sorts of gaming options for the little ones.

* The Choo Choo Train: This train is very popular among Singapore locals for a long time. If you are brave, you can even try to drive the train.

* Family Coaster: an easygoing not fast rollercoaster ride bringing a great experience for the families.

* Ferris wheel: the giant Ferris wheel is of course a popular facility for everyone.

* Kite Flyer: for those children and parents who like some speed and excessive movement.

* Red Baron: It is a plane like experience even for the little ones.

* Bumper Boats: This is a great boat journey where you can decide to splash water on the others or go on a ride by yourself.

The park have eighteen rides, five of them, the Panasonic/Alpha 8, the Inverter, the Rainbow, the Flipper, and the Revolution, are defunct, while the other thirteen are still operating until the park was closed in November 2011. There are four thrill rides, which are The Daytona Beginner’s Track and Daytona Go-Kart, The Pirate Ship, a seated gondola which swings back and forth, and the Wet & Wild, a Log Flume type of ride. The other nine rides are the family rides, which are the Bumper Boats, the Ferris Wheel, the Haunted II; which is a kind of haunted house ride controlled by lightning and sound effects, the Kite Flyer, the Red Baron, and the Remote Control Boats; a ride which allows the rider to control the boat manually on the water. There is also the Central Pavilion, which is a carnival game; a pay to play ride with a lot of prizes for the winner, the Choo Choo Train, and the Family Coaster, which is the only remaining roller coaster in the park.

The admission rates are quite cheap. With only $16.50 for adult and $8.30 for children and senior, you can enjoy all rides as many times as you want. The staffs are kind and willing to help the visitors whenever they need help. Moreover, to keep the visitors enjoy their time, Escape Theme Park also offers food and snacks for a low price. It is a really great place to spend your holiday.

The NTUC club also cares about the safety of the riders. Therefore, they only used trained ride operators which had to pass a three weeks safety procedures training before they could start working. Furthermore, there are safety drills for the ride operators every three to six months and the rides are audited every quarter to ensure that the rides are still safe to be used. In addition, the rides are designed to never be stuck in a 360-degree turn position even during a power failure, and they can still be operated manually whenever there is a power failure. With the excitement the Escape Theme Park offered, we are looking forward to, someday, be able to play again and enjoy the rides of the park. Let us hope that the redevelopment will soon be over and make it better and more fun than ever.

It is no wonder that Escape Theme Park is so popular all around Singapore. It is a great fun site with lots of action. Before getting in, have attention to all the security warnings in connection with each ride. Either you can pay an entrance fee that includes the price for the rides or you can pay a lower entrance fee and pay only for the rides, which interest you. The rides cost between one and five SGD.

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