Expenses & Living in Bahrain

Bahrain is a liberal country among the more insular Arabic countries. The outlook of the rulers and the people are modern, though they give very high respect to their religion and traditions. The overall cost of living in Bahrain does not vary much from the cost of living prevailing in many European countries. Lack of taxation in general makes several items, including electronic goods, much cheaper but imported food products might cost more than that of your native country. Cost of accommodation is also generally high.

Electricity, water, gas, and other utilities are owned and subsidized by the government to provide lower rates to the local population. Cost of international telephone calls is also comparatively lower, since the government wishes to encourage business and investment from abroad. Average cost of living in Bahrain is provided hereunder for general reference. However, this might vary from person to person, depending on the individual habits and personal lifestyle.

Housing: Single bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, and 3-bedroom apartment cost about $900, $1,050, and $1,200 respectively for a month in Bahrain. These are mostly unfurnished and might not include air conditioning. Swimming pool and gym are provided in most apartment blocks and satellite television might be available in many of them.

Food: Average monthly food expenses on a moderate living style in Bahrain would cost about $450 for a single person, about $750 for a couple, and about $1,050 for a couple and 2 children. This costing excludes alcohol and other luxury food items.

Utilities: Monthly utility expenses for a month, including electricity, water, and sewerage would be about $225 for a single person, $300 for a couple and $450 for a family.

Leisure: Monthly entertainment, newspapers & magazines, eating out, sports, etc. would be higher or lower according to your individual taste. In general, for a standard living style in Bahrain, they could be taken as $450 for an individual and a couple, and $600 for a family.

Transport: Since petrol is cheap, average transport expenses for a single person would come about $75 a month, while for a couple and a family, it would be around $150. This includes repair & maintenance but excludes credit purchase and depreciation expenses.

Insurance: Private health insurance, vehicle insurance, household insurance, etc. might cost about $100 a month for an individual, $150 for a couple, and around $225 for a family.

Clothing: Due to the very warm temperature, clothing needs are somewhat limited. Formal dress in office is shirt & tie. Monthly clothing expenses for a single person would be about $150, for couple $300, and for a family $450.

As such, the monthly living expenses for an individual would be about $2300-$2400 for an individual, $3,100-$3,200 for a couple, and $4,100-$4,200 for a family with 2 children. These are only approximations taking into account a standard mode of living in Bahrain. This would vary according to individual lifestyles. You could take this as a rough indication of Bahrain’s cost of living and negotiate your work contract accordingly.

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