Explore The Thrilling Nightlife of Bahrain

If you’re one of the people who are dead by day but alive and kicking at night, then you’re sure to have a very active nightlife. Bahrain can surely satisfy your cravings for nightlife.

Clubs and pubs were common in Bahrain for nightlife. Sometimes these pubs and clubs were within walking distance from each other. Here are some of the pubs and clubs, which will give you the head start for nightlife.

Rugby Club will provide you a relaxed nightlife. They are best known for their variety of beverages. The club has a strict policy for admitting customers but there are nights where one can enter for a fee of BD 1-2. But be sure that you can hold your liquor down and be prepared for an all night of drinking games.

If you’re looking for nightlife with a British pub atmosphere, The Warbler is the best place for you. Aside from offering the customary services of a pub they also offer every type of food you want, they also have promotions which make your nightlife exciting – Ladies’ night were Tuesdays where ladies can have a free drink all night with only a BD 2.500 entrance fee. And if there is one thing to make ladies nightlife any better, its on Wednesday and Thursday where they can have a drink for only 100 fils.

If you feel you’re up to Irish theme nightlife visit JJ Murphy’s. Their pride is that they have the best Guinness on the island. JJ’s also offers a night of music where a resident DJ plays it all and what has made it interesting for a nightlife is that they have two quiz nights a week. It’s also perfect for a meeting place for your friends. If you ever decided to proceed to a nightclub adjoining the JJ is the BJ, which stands for Barnaby Joe’s will be a perfect place for you and your friends.

If DJ music is not your thing there are clubs who have a live band playing like the Rock Bottom. This is a place where your nightlife will have a variety from dancing to the live music to playing at pool tables and snooker. The place is huge enough that it’s able to accommodate it all and create a mix of pub and club atmosphere. This is one great way to spend your nightlife.

If your interest is more of a classy place to enjoy your nightlife, visit Trader Vics in the Ritz Carlton. This is a Polynesian restaurant that makes your mouth water with all sorts of foods you can imagine but this restaurant is more known to its long list of cocktails.

The island of Bahrain is a place that is full of pubs, night clubs, restaurants and other places connected with Bahrain nightlife. When you go to the island of Bahrain, especially the capital city of Manama, you find that people in the night clubs enjoy dance, jazz, rock, and other music.

Bahrain nightlife has a charm of its own which attracts tourists to the nightlife here for a night of pleasure and enjoyment. Bahrain has a very vibrant nightlife people who are in search of some excitement. If you were to experience the nightlife here, you will find that it is electrifying, vibrant, and bright with music, dance, liquor and a lot of fun.

If you are interested in Bahrain nightlife, you have a number of attractive destinations which include some of Bahrain’s famous night clubs. Should you desire to see something more traditional, you can enjoy a night of belly dancing accompanied by music and songs. And, you have mouth watering, sumptuous dishes to accompany the music.

The BJ’s Night Club in the Al Bustan Hotel provides excellent nightlife options to the visitors. Likwid is a nightlife club located in the City Centre Hotel. Enigma is a famous nightclub located in the Windsor Tower Hotel which provides an interesting night life.

Trader Vic’s, located in the Hotel Ritz-Carlton, is one of the popular fun places and hangouts and Area 51 is very popular with the young set crowd. Barnaby Joe’s in Adliya is a popular club and a regular hangout for the youngsters while J.J. Murphy’s is a nice place where the food is extremely good. Go to the Savage Garden if you would like to do some Salsa where the atmosphere is quite lively and you can have a cool time. The Warbler and the Hunter’s Lodge are American hangouts.

Another way of spending your nightlife in Bahrain is to have a trip on the nightspots, which are attached to a hotel. Wrangler is at the Elite Hotel; this is catchy with its Wild West décor. Digger’s in the Delmon International Hotel will be ideal for budget conscious but provides an exciting nightlife. If an Arabian style is what you’re looking for to complete your nightlife, check out Club Seven at Mishal Hotel near the UN House, it was described as smooth in every way from it’s lighting to the interior, to the performances and Lebanese style of service.

There are a lot of hot spots to enjoy nightlife in Bahrain, the mentioned night spots are just some of those. Explore and discover other exciting place to make your nightlife thrilling.

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