Flights & Airports in Croatia

Traveling, though straining is a fun thing to do with lots of adventures to encounter and experience to gain. Being in another country helps you learn and accept its people’s culture. At a particular time, a travel to a certain country will let you know the popular thing and the hidden parts of the country, almost untouched by man like what people tend to visit in the country of Croatia located in the southern Europe.

Its possible for nearby country inhabitants to reach Croatia by rail, bus, boat, car and plane. Each of these is governed with Croatia’s travel regulations to protect the country’s visitors. The country has nine main airports to support millions of its local and international tourists each year that visits usually during the summer due to the country’s national parks and exposure to beaches. Each of these airlines is located in different cities and covers local and international Croatian flights.

The national and flag carrier airline of Croatia located in Zagreb airport is the Croatian Airlines. It was known as Zagal-Zagreb airport but changed its name to what it is now during the 90’s. The airport company used Cessna planes for UPS for its earliest flights but now uses airbus planes to support more tourists. Croatian Airlines now serves flights to other European countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy, UK, and more and domestic flights to Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar, Bol and Zagreb itself with its automatic ticketing system.

Located in Dubrovnik airport, Dubrovnik Airlines serves charter flights to tourists most probably from Europe to Croatia’s tourist destinations. It uses McDonnell Douglas commercial jet aircrafts for its charter flights. Other airlines like Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus of Dublin and others serve Dubrovnik Airport. Pula airport in the other hand is a nice alternative for countries of Slovenia, Austria and Italy because of the city’s good climatic conditions. The airport can both accommodate private and rented aircraft as well as large aircrafts like Boeing 474 and llyushin ll-86. Another airport in Croatia is the Split airport that was said to be the third largest in Croatia that received numbers of tourist last year (2006). It is a public airport and an important airline hub of Croatian Airlines for its flights.

Located 7 kilometers east of Zadar in Donji Zemunik, Zadar airport serves plane arrivals from Pula, Zagreb airlines and Vnukovo Russian Airlines. Other than this, Zadar Airport is most famous as a flying base of Lufthansa’s flight school in Zadar inhabitants. In the island of Brac, one will find the Bol airport where charter flights happen between Austrian cities and Brac. During summer seasons where flights are very in demand, Bol Airport serves Croatian airlines, Private Wings Flugcharter and Austrian airlines. In Osijek Croatia, Osijek Airport is the most popular because of its secondary airport that serves as an area for sport and private flying purposes. Annual car shows are also held here and was the place where the Pope held his service when he visited Croatia as its main airport that serves 400 passengers per hour. Other than these flights and airports, Rijeka Airport serves low cost European Airlines passengers that want to visit the northern part of Croatia.

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