Getting a Job in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or simply Saudi Arabia, is renowned for its rich oil deposits. As of 2003 data, this country reportedly holds at least 24% of the world’s overall reserve of petroleum, which is certainly substantial and influential. It currently occupies the largest land area located in the Arabian Peninsula and its major source of revenue is generated by its oil industry. The culture in this country is entirely different from what you may have been used to hence you must be willing to adapt if you plan to apply for a job and relocate there, either alone or with your family.

There are quite a number of job opportunities available in Saudi Arabia particularly in the following industries – petroleum, construction, banking and shipping, to mention a few. Skilled including less skilled workers are always needed since the labor policies in this country extends only a temporary basis of employment specifically to foreign employees. This contractual job arrangement is designed to prevent expatriates from eventually blending in with its local population. Saudi Arabia eventually wants to be self-sufficient in terms of its labor force hence it curbs the possibility of depending heavily on foreigners to hold permanent jobs in the various local organizations.

For those professionals hailing from other countries, the main attraction in their desire to work in Saudi Arabia is the higher net income, which means a higher take home pay. The bigger remuneration package is possible as there is no personal taxation being imposed in this country. This is the primary reason why many individuals, men and women alike, are interested to try their luck in applying for a job there. Most of the foreign workers come from the East Asian countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Other expatriates originate as far as Egypt, Europe, North and South America.

For those people who are seeking to find jobs in Saudi Arabia, you should know that majority of the available contracts and temporary positions are performed outside the country. You will find it difficult to find a local job if you decide to enter this country first and apply locally. You should get in touch with a reliable recruitment agency in case you find it difficult to apply directly to the company concerned. Not all jobs are open for foreigners as Saudi Arabia strictly implements a policy of reserving selected jobs for its citizens. Upon being accepted for a job, the employer normally issues employment contracts to the employee so that the latter will know what the job description, salary expectations, is working hours and other terms of employment.

If you prefer freelance or casual work, the same process applies. Some of the areas where casual jobs may be open would be to apply as driver to those companies that offer desert tours, nursing jobs, staff in the various clubs and restaurant operations, clerical staff or odd jobs in the port services. Eventually, you can move on to other jobs that offer a longer period of work and better benefits. Contractual jobs may be renewed at the discretion of your employer.

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