Getting Around Aruba

Aruba is not just like any of the many typical Caribbean islands. Its vegetation and topography is dominated by the existence of divi-divi trees that define the edges and borders of the rugged northeast coast and the landscape of the miles pristine of its popular white beaches. Much more to that is definitely the rich historical background of its people which seemed to be in perfect combination of the islands’ peace and tranquility. The laid-back atmosphere in this area of the West Indies on the lesser pat of the Lesser Antilles Islands coincides with the rugged terrain, little vegetation and mainly flat land area to create a relaxing tourism spot.

Getting around Aruba is definitely a chance to know what it is really all about. The island boasts of an Aruban culture that emanated from the influences of different countries. English and Spanish are the two main languages of almost one hundred five thousand permanent residents although Dutch is actually an official language and Papiamento is a native tongue. Since Aruba is blessed with seafood abound, the main food is the richness that comes from the sea as spiced by international flavors.

The island further functions as an independent government within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although the leader of the government is appointed by the Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba has taken toll on its economic growth. Tourism and the service industry are providing the residents with jobs that cater to rental businesses, working in hotels, running shops, restaurant management, and other food services.

Tourists can definitely go around Aruba with ease because taxis are made affordable and familiar option for tourists who want to get out of the tedious bus routes. Traveling is made convenient by the government as it provided regulated rates and easily identifiable cars usually with the letters TX n the plate license. Buses can also be a choice if you want to look beyond the beaches and travel from one spot to another. Buses are perfect for those who have limited budget and would want to see the entirety of Aruba.

The use of taxis and buses can also be set aside if you have enough cash with you and you can pay for rental cars to give you that sense of independence while traveling around. Before you hit the road on your own, you can check on the requirements for driving in the island like providing an international license and complying it the age requirement. If you think Aruba rules would not permit your age to drive around, you can hire drivers just available in the same company where you want to rent the car. Mopeds and bikes are of great use for those who want communion with the natural ambiance and the picturesque scenery.

Whether you want to ride around using mopeds, rented cars, taxis, bikes or buses, aruba is open for anyone who would want to become united with the lush greens, the blue horizons and the white sandy beaches that highlight Aruba’s identity at present.

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