Getting Around Saudi Arabia

Discovering a new place can be a thrilling adventure. Seeing new things and taking in the sights is something that you can treasure in your life. However, in a new place a person always has difficulty in getting around a certain place.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, transportation is accessible for almost anyone. Traveling by air on the way to Saudi is safe and suitable especially since most airlines now fly into the country. If you are however, coming from a nearby country, a bus or a renting a car would be most fitting for your travel.

Most transportation is accessible except when it comes to women renting and driving a car. Women are not allowed to drive cars so a taxi would be very convenient for you. The standard rate should be 10 riyals unless you are going somewhere that is further than 10-15 kilometers. If that were the case, the driver would ask for more than the standard rate. Tell the driver your price before riding the taxi, if he disagrees with you flag down another taxi. Some drivers speak very little English so you may need to speak slowly for him to understand where you are going. It would also be better if you can get directions to your destination before leaving and show it to your driver so he can bring you where you want to go without much trouble. When traveling through a taxi, always remember to strap on your seatbelts as the taxi drivers in Saudi tend to be a little competitive among their co-workers.

If you opt for a cheaper alternative to getting around Saudi, buses are one of the most used transportations. Some buses like SAPTCO (Saudi Arabian Public Transport System) travel internationally and domestically. Always check bus schedules before paying your fare to know what is available and convenient for you. This bus line offers comfortable seats with tables to help you relax during long travels. They also have meals on board so you won’t go hungry if you’re traveling long distances. Some people choose taxis over buses because buses only connect between big cities. If you want to do a little more exploring, a taxi may be a better option.

Nothing beats walking if you want to soak up the culture and see more of Saudi. Just be sure to bring water, sunglasses, and hats and wear comfortable sandals or tennis shoes.

Saudi Arabia is a conservative and strict country. When strolling and exploring Saudi make sure to wear the appropriate clothing in their country. Women wear Abaya’s, which covers them from neck to ankles. In certain areas, women use scarves to cover their face and head. Skimpy outfits like shorts and tank tops must never be worn outside your accommodation. For men, loose clothing is recommended but shorts are also prohibited.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a great place to infuse yourself with culture and tradition. Always remember to follow their customs and respect their beliefs and you will have a wonderful time discovering what Saudi has to offer you.

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