Golden Tulip Dalma Suites

The number of hotels in Abu Dhabi would, it is fair to say, dwarf that of the average city. Aware of the high demand for rooms in a city where business and pleasure are both rated as being of great importance, it is important to have a lot of hotels. In high season it can be hard to find a room at all, and the high-end, expensive hotels tend to fill up quickly. This does not mean, however, that the rooms on offer in the less expensive hotels are in any way a bad option. In fact, should you stay in one of these hotels you will find that they are a perfectly agreeable way to spend a few nights, and will hurt your wallet decidedly less than a stay in some of the more expensive locations.

The Golden Tulip Dalma Suites is a hotel located on Sheikh Hamdan Street, convenient for the business district and for tourist amenities. Nearby to it are a few more expensive hotels, but the Golden Tulip does well for business in this area by providing an experience which is more than good value for the average room rate of just over 1,200 dirham (close to $400). While it may rank below nearby hotels such as the Meridien and Rotana Beach in terms of luxury, it does beat them out of sight when it comes to value. For the business traveler on a budget it certainly has a lot to recommend it. Sure, if you are expecting five star quality you might be disappointed, but if you are expecting five star quality in Abu Dhabi you will be looking at spending more on your accommodation in one night than you do on annual Christmas presents.

What you do get for a low price at the Golden Tulip Dalma Suites is very attentive service from the hotel staff, for whom no request is too much trouble. When you come to check in you may well find that they will upgrade your stay to a better room than you booked, if there is one available. This is done with no increase in the price, making the experience one to treasure – numerous visitors have made clear that the thing that made their stay at the Golden Tulip more than just a night or two in a hotel was the scrupulous generosity and friendliness of the staff, and the attention to customer services that goes right through the workforce here.

The rooms themselves are very comfortable and clean. Quite at odds with the horror stories that often go about when talking of business hotels, the whole experience is one of comfort and relaxation. If there is something lacking about your stay or your room one has only to ask the staff and they will go to great lengths to ensure that the situation is remedied as quickly as possible. The room size is pleasantly surprising given the low cost, and the beds ensure a comfortable night’s sleep – which is always important on business trips, and makes a holiday exactly what it should be – comfortable and relaxing. This hotel is really one of the best Abu Dhabi hotels to choose for your vacation.

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